Amazon has been improving its intelligent assistant continuously, and consequently, users would get Alexa Blueprints. These Alexa Blueprints enable users to create custom responses for Alexa on their Amazon Echo devices. This new feature is limited to the US customers only; if you do not belong to the United States, go to the Settings in the Alexa mobile app and change your device language to English US. For US users, here is how to create custom responses for Alexa on Amazon Echo.

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But what are custom responses for Alexa? What are Alexa Blueprints? In simple words, Alexa Blueprints help you create your voice app; the feature allows you to teach Alexa to respond to questions with answers they design. You can create your skill that has information for your babysitter or house guest. For example, if you have created a few custom responses for Houseguest skill, your guests can ask questions like, “Alexa, How do I turn on the microwave?” or “Where is the toilet paper?” Sounds interesting? Go ahead and create some custom responses for Alexa on Echo devices.

How to Create Custom Responses for Alexa on Amazon Echo

How to Create Custom Alexa Skills and Responses

First off, you need to open Alexa Blueprints web page.

Step #1. On the page, you need to log in to your Amazon account.

Log in to Amazon account in Alexa Blueprints

Step #2. Select any blueprint from Featured Blueprints, Fun & Games, Learning & Knowledge, At Home, and Storyteller.

List of Alexa Blueprint to Create Personal Alexa Skills

Step #3. To begin with, you can select ‘Custom Q&A’ blueprint.

Select Custom Q&A blueprints in Alexa Blueprints

Step #4. Now click or tap on Make Your Own button.

Tap on Make Your Own in Alexa Blueprints web

If you have not logged in yet, you will be prompted to enter your login ID and password here. You will go through four instructional slides.

Now you are on the page to customize your questions & answers. There are some pre-filled questions and answers on the page. You can make changes as per your requirements.

There are some pre-filled questions and answers on Alexa Blueprints page

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Remember, you need to keep your questions short (up to 10 words) with simple words. Moreover, if your question is similar to a standard Alexa command, your custom answer will become the new default reply. You can click on Add Q&A button at the bottom.

Click on Add Q&A button to Create Personal Alexa Skills

And add your question/answer.

Add your question and answer in Alexa Blueprints web

Step #5. When all your questions and answers are prepared, click on Create Skill button from the top right corner.

Click on Create Skill button in Alexa Blueprints web

Step #6. Finally, click on Update Account button.

Click on Update Account to Create Custom Responses for Alexa on Amazon Echo

After a couple of minutes, your newly created personalized skill will be added to your Amazon Echo devices. Note that you can disable this skill from the Alexa app on your iPhone or Android device.

You can now tell your family members of this new skill and edit the same any time in future.

The Alexa Blueprints are a better way to personalize skills for Echo devices. Earlier, users have to use code to create private Alexa skills.

Check the list of Alexa Blueprints available currently. Choose the one and go ahead.

  • Featured Blueprints
  • Custom Q&A, Fairy Tale, Houseguest, Quiz, Doubles Trouble
  • Fun & Games
  • Inspirations, Burns, First Letter, Family Jokes, Trivia, Doubles Trouble, Birthday Trivia, Bachelorette Party, Compliments, Family Trivia
  • Learning & Knowledge
  • Quiz, Flashcards, Facts
  • At Home
  • Custom Q&A, Houseguest, Babysitter, Pet Sitter
  • Storyteller
  • Fairy Tale, Sci-fi, Fable, Adventure

That’s all friends!

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