Creating custom keyboard on Mac is one of the powerful and productive functions that Apple has given to the world. It allows you to create keystrokes for some of you normal moves across many apps for certain menu options in the particular application. Happily, you can make a keyboard shortcut to take particular action within an application or do another task quickly on Mac. Navigate through this straightforward guide to create custom keyboard shortcuts for Mac apps.

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There are few actions/functions in Mac Apps have not defined shortcuts. Just assume that you are frequently using Export As PDF option in TextEdit or Web Page Preview in MSWord App. Every time you need to navigate to File Menu and selecting the functioning menu, which is little bit time consuming and annoying. For such situation, you can create Keyboard Shortcuts for Undefined Menus for an individual App or all installed apps on your Mac.

Follow this straightforward tutorial to create custom keyboard shortcuts on Mac OS X, macOS Sierra or macOS High Sierra. Let’s dive into to the process.

How to Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac appsHow to Create a Custom Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac apps

You should consider following two points before creating any custom keyboard shortcuts on your Mac.

  • The name you entered for the keystroke must match the menu otherwise the menu keystroke will not work.
    TextEdit and Word Manu Title without Keyboard Shortcut
  • You must choose the custom keyboard shortcut that does not interfere with existing keyboard shortcuts on the Mac.

To check that open Settings → Keyboards → Shortcuts, where you can see all used keyboard shortcuts on your Mac.

Existing keyboard shortcuts on the MacNow, let’s create your First Mac App Custom Keyboard Shortcuts.

Step #1. From your Mac Menu, click on Apple icon and select ‘System Preferences.’

Click on System Preferences on MacStep #2. In the system preference tab, click on ‘Keyboard.’

Click on Keyboard option Under Settings on MacStep #3. Select ‘Shortcuts’ in the keyboard dialog box and then choose ‘App Shortcuts’ in the left panel of the tab.

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Select Shortcuts in the keyboard dialog box and then choose App Shortcuts on MacStep #4. Next, click on “+” plus button to create a new keyboard shortcut on the Mac.

Click on Plus icon to Create Keyboard ShortcutStep #5. Now, you will need to select whether you want to create the keyboard shortcut for all Applications or for some specific apps. Select the option as per your choice.

In some cases, it happens that you won’t find the third party app installed on your Mac. Like I am not able to locate MSWord. In such case, I will create a shortcut for “All Applications.”

Choose All Applications and Add Manu Title and then Create Keyboard Shortcut for Word AppAlso take a note that if you choose “All Application“, it will allow you to use the custom keyboard in every single application that has the same functioning menu. This will help you if you are using most common share menu items.

Enter Menu Title and your preferred shortcut to create keyboard shortcuts. Over here I have created two shortcuts. One for Export As PDF for TextEdit and Web Page Preview for MSWord.

Select TextEdit and Write Menu Title and then Enter Keyboard ShortcutStep #8. Now click on Add to complete the process.

Now check the Menu bar, and you will see Shortcuts next to Menu item.

TextEdit and Word App Manu Title with Keyboard ShortcutTest the created Keyboard shortcuts and confirm the functionality.

Hope you enjoyed this guide and successfully created some custom keyboard shortcuts on your Mac. If you have any tricky keystroke or keyboard shortcut tips, let us know in the commenting section.