In early days, creating and editing documents, spreadsheets, PDF files, etc. was only limited to your computer. Now, from pin to a plane, there is nothing a smartphone can’t cover or support. Their smartness has made things a lot easier for us. We need not find a computer for creating, editing or sending any file formats now, right? But, there are much more things your smartphone can do than you think.

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Suppose you have taken pictures of a few paper documents on your Android device, and you need to send them to multiple contacts, what will be your plan? Don’t you think sending them to different contacts is a highly time-consuming process? You may even miss one or two images while selecting them or face a limit while sending such bulk things to some contacts. So, how about converting your multiple images into a PDF file and sending them to as many people as you want with a single click? Sounds interesting? Let’s take a look at how to convert multiple images into a single PDF file on Android.

How to Convert Multiple Images into a single PDF File on Android?

How to Convert Multiple Images to a PDF File on Android?

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How to Convert Images to a PDF File on Android?

Step #1. Head over to Google Play Store.

Step #2. Download and install Image to PDF Converter app.

Download Image to PDF Converter

Step #3. Launch the app and click on “+” icon at the top-left corner of the screen.

click on Plus sign

Step #4. A list of folders containing images will show up.

A list of folders

Step #5. Open a folder and Select images you want to convert into a PDF file. Tap “Correct Sign” from the top-right corner.

Select images to convert into a PDF file

(Note: The images will be displayed according to their file name. Make sure they are in proper order before you continue. If not, you can rearrange them with the sort option.)

Step #6. To rearrange, tap the “Sort icon” on the toolbar.

Sort icon

Step #7. A sort dialog box will open up asking in what way you want the files to be arranged. Select your option or else you can manually arrange them after you have selected the images, just by tapping and dragging the arrange icon present next to the image.

sort dialog box

Step #8. Once sorted, click on the “PDF” icon on the toolbar.

tap on the PDF

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Step #9. A new screen will appear asking about the size of the images. By default, it shows “Don’t resize an image”, but you can resize if you want by selecting “Set the size limit”.

Tap on “Image color” to change the color of your image to grayscale or black & white.

Finally, Tap on “Save PDF” when all is set.

Convert PDF Settings

Step #10. A “Done” screen will open up displaying the details of your PDF like the number of pages and its location.

Image to PDF Convert Done

How to Review the PDF file?

Step #1. At main app screen tap on Menu (three horizontal lines).

tap on Eye icon

Step #2. Select PDF File Manager.

PDF File Manager

Step #3. Select the PDF file you want to review and tap on Eye icon from the top bar menu.

tap on Eye icon

How to Rename the PDF file?

Note that your PDF file is saved with the date and a number as its label. So, before sharing the file, you can rename it with a descriptive name. To rename it:

Step #1. Tap the “PDF files” and tap on Rename icon.

Rename icon

Step #2. A pop up will appear. Enter the name you want to for a PDF file, and tap on OK.

Enter the name

Step #3. PDF file name is renamed.

How to share the PDF file?

Step #1. Select the PDF files you want to share.

Step #2. Tap the “Share” icon on the toolbar.

PDF Share

Step #3. Select the medium through which you want to share and send.

Select medium to Share PDF

Wrapping up

Converting multiple images into a single PDF file is the easiest and the smartest way to share it with multiple contacts. There are a number of apps available to convert multiple images to a PDF file on Android. Share with us which app you find easier and whether this guide helped you in a successful conversion or not, in the comment section below.

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