We all are aware that the executable files or in other words the EXE files are specially made for Windows and it can be opened on Android phone. But now there are ways to make those Exe files working on your Android phone as well and believe us it is extremely easy to do that procedure. Because the Exe files can’t run on Android one need to convert those files into APK file and then they will be opened on Android with ease.

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We are here to give you a full tutorial on how you can convert Exe files into APK and then start using them right there on your Android phones. The entire process of converting Exe files into APK file will hardly take your 10 minutes or sometimes even less. Plus you also need to download a software as well which will help you to convert the files with smoothness. So if you want to have those files on your Android phone then read this article carefully.

How to Convert Exe to APK File on Android Phone

How to Convert EXE to APK File (Windows EXE to Android APK)

Step #1. First, you need to Download the APK converter software on your PC.

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Step #2. Now go to the Windows explorer and then find and select the downloaded Exe to APK converter.

Step #3. Once the software is fully launched select “I have a portable application” option.

Step #4. Select the EXE application on your computer and upload it.

Step #5. Now select ‘Convert’ button.

Step #6. You will now see the conversion process in the window. Depending upon the size of the file uploaded it will take some time, but don’t leave the process in the middle.

Step #7. Once the process gets over all you need to do is to click on ‘Done’.

Step #8. Connect your Android phone to your PC and transfer the converted file to it.

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This is it! Now you can easily play games and can use all those applications meant for Windows only on your Android phone as well. Hope you liked this simple tutorial by us. We would like to have your feedback as always on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus and also here in comments section.