Our day begins at our smartphone and ends with it, but, since the majority of our hours are spent on either computer/laptop at work, it happens that checking our smartphone becomes difficult. And we all wish if we could control our Android Phone from PC for free. Guess what, Scrcpy, an open-source software allows you to interact with your Android phone or tablet via your Windows, Mac, or Linux-based PC, with no root required.

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As its name, Scrcpy (Screen+Copy), so is its job, it copies your Android screen to your PC, allowing you to operate it easily just with a USB connection and ADB. So, instead of downloading paid solutions, let’s see how you can control your Android Phone from your PC for free, via Scrcpy.

How To Control Android Phone From Computer For Free

How to Control Android Phone From Computer For Free Using Scrcpy

To make Scrcpy work, you will need a USB connection to create an ADB tunnel from your host PC to your Android device and snap the USB debugging switch in developer mode. That’s it, no root or app is required. It will then mirror your Android screen as an h.264-encoded stream. The functions of keyboard and mouse are then sent to the server and transmitted back to your Android device so that you can access your smartphone using them. Now, let’s focus on the setup process.

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Step #1. Download the zip file of Scrcpy for Windows from Github.

Step #2. Extract the files somewhere on your PC.

Step #3. Set up ADB access on your PC (depending upon the OS you have)

Step #4. Enable ADB on your Android device and connect it to the host PC via USB.

Step #5. Open the previously extracted folder and head over to ‘Command Prompt’ within that folder.

Step #6. Enter ‘scrcpy’ on the command line, and you’re done

You will then be able to control your Android device on your PC easily with functions like ‘click’ to tap and ‘click & drag’ to swipe as you do on your touchscreen.


It’s not the only solution to operate your smartphone via PC, but, Scrcpy is an easy, free and very reliable software that you can ever get. The way it organizes files and allows you to access your smartphone contents on the big screen is something you must try and see. So, go download it now, install using our guide and then share your feedback in the comment section below or on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.