Whether I’m enjoying a great vacation at a beach or busy in office, music remains a soulful companion for me. As a big fan of music, I admire the superiority of Sonos Speakers and Spotify. While the former is well-known to deliver immersive sound, the latter has continued to dominate the industry as the leading music streaming service.

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Until now, I had to sign into my Spotify Premium account via the Sonos app to search for songs, albums or Spotify playlists and play them through the Sonos speakers. There was no option to directly control Sonos speakers from Spotify. But, that has changed now…

How to Control Sonos Speakers through Spotify

Sonos has launched the over-the-air software update which lets you play music directly from the Spotify app.

As a Sonos user, you can still use the Sonos app to stream music through Spotify. But from now onwards, you have the option to stream music to any or all of their Sonos speakers right from the world’s most popular music streaming app. Here is how you can get started with it!

How to Stream Music to Sonos Speakers Directly from Spotify

Note: You must ensure you have the latest version of Sonos app on your device. You have to update your Sonos hardware as well. The Sonos app will get the job done for you.

The feature is exclusive to all Spotify Premium subscribers with a Sonos music system. It is available for Android, Apple Mac, and Windows PC users.

How to Set up Sonos Speakers with Spotify

To enable your Sonos speakers to appear on the Spotify app, you’ll need to follow the instructions below.

Step #1. Open the Sonos app on your smartphone.

Step #2. Now, tap on the main menu (looks like three lines) button at the top left of the app.

Step #3. Next, you need to update Sonos system to the latest software.

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When prompted to “Set up Sonos Account”, you have to type in the email address associated with your Sonos account. Then, open the email and set a new password.

Step #4. Now, sign into your Sonos account. Tap on the three lines at the top left corner to go to the main menu.

Step #5. Tap on Control Sonos from Spotify and turn it on.

Step #6. Finally, open the Spotify app. You should see your Sonos speakers listed in the Devices Available tab. In case, they are not listed individually, they may be grouped.

How to Play a song/album/playlist on Sonos through Spotify

In order to play a song, album or playlist on one of your Sonos speakers directly from Spotify, go ahead with the process explained below.

Step #1. Launch the Spotify app on your device.

Step #2. Next, you have to open the song, playlist or album you wish to play.

Step #3. Now, tap on Devices Available at the bottom of the screen.

Step #4. Tap on the Sonos speaker you wish to play the song, album or playlist on.

How to To Group/Ungroup Sonos speakers through Spotify

You can’t group Sonos speakers through the Spotify app. You will need to take the help of Sonos app to get it done.

Step #1. Open SpotifySong/PlaylistDevices Available.

Step #2. Tap on the three dots next to each Sonos speaker. Now, you will be taken to Sonos app.

Now, group the speakers as desired. Tap on “Done” to confirm. Next, you will be taken back to the Spotify app. Now, you can control the overall volume of the group of speakers.

In order to ungroup speakers, follow the same steps mentioned above and ungroup them.

That’s it!

It’s indeed great to control Sonos speakers right from Spotify. I find it very helpful.

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