Carrying a flexible storage solution is always handy when it comes to a sudden need. Just imagine if you are going for an official presentation and you find that you forget your laptop at your job place only then? But if you are carrying that presentation in your USB flash drive then your day will be saved. Same goes with music as well. If you are at a party and some boring songs are played and everyone’s mood is off and then you announce that your flash drive has plenty of rocking songs which can change the mood of the party then there are a chance that you become a hero.

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Connecting a USB flash drive with your Android phone is as easy as counting 1,2 and 3 provided your Android phone supports USB flash drive and you know some easy steps to connect them. Having USB flash also means that you got something extra than your Android phone’s internal storage limit permits you and yet you can use your phone by just connecting it to the USB flash drive. What makes this connection best is that they are compatible with each other and thus it allows you to connect and also remove the USB flash drive from your Android phone with utmost ease.

How to Connect USB Flash Drive to Android Phone

So, after knowing the benefits of having a USB flash drive connected with your Android phone, if you have made up your mind to connect your own USB flash drive with your phone then first you need to check whether your Android phone supports USB flash drive or not. Most of the recently manufactured Android phone does provide the access to the USB flash but a certain number of smartphone still lacks it. So to check whether your phone also supports a USB flash drive connection or not, you need to check it via an app called OTG. This app will scan your mobile and let you know whether your Android phone is compatible with USB flash drive or not. You can download the OTG app directly from Google Play Store or you may also download it.

Get a USB OTG cable and a Flash Drive First

To get extra storage than your Android phone offers you first need to have a USB flash drive. There are different kinds of flash drives available in the market but you need to ensure that you get a flash drive which is equipped with the FAT32 format. We believe that for a lesser storage need a thumb drive will be a perfect option for you. Some manufacturers also provide the much-needed OTG cable but you can at least get the possession of a flash drive first as you can separately purchase the OTG cable as well. We are advising here a 64GB Flash drive here. Click on the link below to buy it.

Techkey OTG USB Flash Drive

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As we discussed above, you will also need. Some mobile comes with USB cables but many don’t so you need to purchase it from Market. If your smartphone manufacturer has not provided you a USB cable with your new phone then we are advising a high-end USB cable from iConnect World.

iConnect World USB OTG Cable

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Now you are well equipped with the entire minimum requirement to connect your USB flash drive with your Android phone, so we should proceed with the procedural part. Just follow these steps carefully and one after the another and the process will be much easier.

How to Connect USB Flash Drive to Android Phone

Step #1. Insert your USB OTG cable into the slot given in your Android smartphone.

Step #2. Plug-in the other end into the USB Flash Storage

Important Tips: Once you do both the steps given above the file explorer will appear automatically. This is how you will connect your USB flash drive with your Android phone. Just to guide you further, that when your Android phone is connected with your USB flash drive you can play the songs directly from it. One more thing, if you are transferring file both to and fro USB flash and Android mobile, do not unmount or remove the USB drive.

How to Disconnect the USB Flash Drive From Your Android Phone

Just like connecting the USB flash drive with the Android phone is an easy process, disconnecting the both is even easier. But before doing the process you need to unplug your Android device from the USB flash drive. Then follow these simple steps given below.

Step #1. Swipe down to the bottom of your screen.

Step #2. Tap on “USB mass storage connected”.

Now your Android phone has been safely disconnected from the USB flash drive and that only means that the files in your USB flash drives are safe from getting corrupted.

This is it! Yes, you might be feeling surprised that the process is so simple that even a kid can do this. Well, with all due respect to that thinking, never let your kid do this because it may bring some unforeseen results either to your Android phone or to your USB flash drive or both right?

Hope you have liked this article and it will help you for sure when you next time want to use your Android phone to play heaps of music files stored on your USB flash drive. We would love to know your first experience on this. Do drop in again here and make sure you comment or give your views on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.