At the very start of this month, the most awaited Nintendo Switch made its landing to many users’ homes. But, unfortunately, as per some reports, some users found scratches on their console’s screens. Obviously, it is a reason to worry, but the solution is that you can connect and play Nintendo Switch on TV without the dock.

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All we need to do is to bypass the dock by using the simple USB Type C extension cable, and that will be it. There are no exact figures on how many Nintendo Switch enthusiasts received scratched screens, but Reddit users found the solution to play your favorite games on TV. Here we are to give you a complete guidance on this new development, just follow the steps we provide here.

How to Connect and Play Nintendo Switch on TV without DockHow to Connect Your Nintendo Switch to TV Without Dock to Enjoy Your Favorite Games

Before we begin, we would also like to add, that if you think of playing games on your TV via Nintendo Switch for long hours, then you can also use one of these best Nintendo Switch Stands and Docks. This will make it easy for you to play games and will also keep the vents protected from overheating.

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Step #1. Connect your dock to AC power and TV and then attach the USB-C cables female end to the USB connector.

Make sure that you push the spring down as far as it can go because it is needed to keep the cable snapped in place.

Step #2. Put the Nintendo Switch on the stand and insert the male end of the USB cable into your switch.

Step #3. If the connection is correct, then the Switch will display on TV, and this process will automatically charge your Nintendo Switch as well.

Remember this is not a proven procedure by any means, this is just a kind of home innovation by one of the Nintendo Switch users like me and you.

Once the process is over, you can easily enjoy some of the best Nintendo Switch Games.

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