Cloning apps on Android using multiple accounts is one of the efficient ways to manage your personal and company’s account simultaneously. As most of the apps designed to run at once on a single device, it has been tougher to use multiple accounts in a single device. In this tech era, now it becomes easier to clone WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter or any app you are using on your Android phone.

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With the help of the Parallel Space app, you can easily clone apps on Android to use multiple accounts. Once you install the app on your Android device, it will create a duplicate app from the official installed an app. You will just need to open the clone app and log in to another account to get started. Let’s see how this method works.

How to Clone Apps on Android to Use Multiple Accounts

How to Clone Apps on Android to Use Multiple Accounts

After cloning, you can use two Facebook accounts or Instagram profiles without racking your brain.

N.B. – You can’t use this method to run multiple WhatsApp or Snapchat due to their privacy policy. WhatsApp is the better choice, though, for having dual WhatsApp on a single device.

With that being said, let’s get back to the core of this post. Just follow the steps given below to complete the process.

Step #1. You know the official apps never allow us to run multiple accounts. Hence, you need a third-party app called Parallel Space. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store.(Search for Parallel Space, there you get it)

Launch Parallel Space App on your Android Phone

Step #2. You should open the app after the successful installation in order to kick-start the cloning process. For every first time users, Parallel Space shows a slider with their impressive features. If you have some time to devote to it, you will get to know the complete working procedures.

Parallel Space shows a slider with their impressive features

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Don’t worry! You can skip it with a tap on Start Exploring and read further as I am describing the same thing.

Step #3. The app offers you the feature to have multiple social media accounts on the same phone from the first screen itself. You can choose them right away.

Multiple social media accounts, just tap ‘+’ sign to add

In case you want to clone any other app, just tap ‘+’ sign at the bottom and chose the right one. The new app will be created in minutes.

Step #4. Now, you can see a new App on the list. (Say you cloned Facebook and the cloned app’s name will be Facebook+). Just open the new app to complete the first use procedures like login or tutorials if any.

Now, you can see a new App in the list

That’s all! You have now learned how to clone apps on Android to run multiple accounts.


Wasn’t it simple? Parallel Space works well with almost all apps including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

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If you know any universal method to clone all the apps without any exception, don’t forget to share the same with us using the comment field down below. It will help all the readers to move out of a dilemma. You can also leave your feedback on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.