Just like we experience and then clear DNS cache problems in Windows 10 PC or laptops, we can have the same problem on our Android devices as well. Because the system works in a similar way, the problem of DNS cache too is similar. So what we need to do is to clear the DNS cache from Android device and thus we can visit the web page which is unavailable due to DNS cache problem.

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Before we move on we must know that when we visit a website on our Android device’s browser, it saves cache, IP address details, etc. This process helps for the faster download of that website when we visit it again. But when the IP address of a website changes before our device updates it we get a problem regarding DNS cache. There are few solutions on how you can clear the DNS cache on Android, let’s check them one by one.

How to Clear DNS Cache on Android Devices

How to Clear DNS Cache on Android Devices

Method #1: Clearing DNS cache on Android through Browser

You can even implement this method in few different ways. So we need to address those processes one after the other.

Go to Settings → Apps → Browser (Tap on the browser you are using) → Storage → Tap on Clear Cache.

Go to Chrome, tap on Storage, then tap on Clear Catch

Method #2: Clear DNS cache in Chrome

Step #1. Enter chrome://net-internals/#dns on your Chrome address bar and tap on enter.

Step #2. Once the page downloads tap on ‘Clear host cache’ option.

Tap on Clear host cache

Step #3. Tap on the drop-down button you see at the end of the red bar and select ‘Flush sockets’ and ‘Clear cache’ options and hit the Clear host cache button option again.

Tap on the drop-down button and select Flush sockets, Clear cache options

Method #3: Clear DNS Cache through WiFi

Step #1. Go to Settings → WiFi and long press the WiFi network you want to change the DNS for and tap on ‘Modify network’.

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Go to Settings, WiFi, tap on Modify network

Step #2. When a popup opens, tap on ‘Advanced options’ and choose IP settings as ‘Static’.

Tap on Advanced options and choose Static

Step #3. Now scroll down and enter DNS address manually. For DNS 1: and for DNS 2:

Enter DNS address manually

We can apply this method in the process of how to fix WiFi problems in Android 7.0 Nougat as well.

Method #4: Change DNS settings through third party app

Step #1. Download DNS Changer (no root 3G/WiFi) app from Google Play Store. This app will let you change the DNS for every network to get rid of the DNS cache problem instantly.

Download DNS Changer App

Step #2. Once the app is installed and opened, You can choose various DNS like Google, Open, Yandex or Level3 to set your custom DNS and then tap on Start.

Choose various DNS, then Tap on Start

Step #3. Now connection request window will pop up, tap on ‘OK’ and the new DNS setting is enabled now on your Android device.

Tap on OK and the new DNS setting is enabled

These four were the easiest methods to clear DNS cache on your Android devices. Now you need to tell us which method worked for you successfully, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or here in the comments section.