How to Check NFC Support on Your Android Phone

Know how to check NFC support on your Android smartphone so you will be able to exchange thousands of things with ease.

New Field Communication or NFC in simpler words is one of the new things for Android users. The fact is that even an avid Android fan still has lesser knowledge about NFC. If we want to know about NFC in the simple language then we can say that it is one of the wireless communication technologies which is provided by Android. NFC will allow users to transfer data and function between their Android phone when they come into the area with certain limits.

You will be surprised to know that you can send SMS, open a web URL, call or almost everything which you can do normally by using NFC which you do with a Wi-Fi connection or with Bluetooth, but the difference which NFC has is the powerful function. The list is endless about NFC which also includes contactless payment via Android Pay. So if this sounds interesting to you then let us help you to check whether your Android phone has NFC support or not?

How to Check NFC Support on Android Phone

How to Check NFC Support on Android phone

Because NFC can help you to do plenty of things as we have mentioned above, it is certainly worthy to check whether your smartphone has the support of NFC or not, right? You can do this checking by two different ways, one is manual check-up and the other is via a third party app.

Checking NFC Support Manually

Checking NFC Support Manually

First, let us try the manual process of checking whether your Android phone has NFC or not. Just go to Settings of your Android smartphone and check under ‘Wireless and Networks’ where you will find option ‘More’. Tap on ‘More’ and if there is an option of NFC along with others then your phone has capabilities of NFC. If there is no such option visible then obviously your phone is not equipped with NFC feature.

Check NFC Support with Third Party App

Check NFC Support with Third Party App

The second check you can do is by downloading Do I Have NFC app from Google Play Store. This is a third party app check so you need to install the app and run it. If your Android phone has NFC capabilities then the app will check and say, “Your device has NFC capabilities” and obviously if it is the other way around then the message will read, “Your device does not have NFC capabilities”.


If you are reading about NFC for the first time then it might sound like Bluetooth, but believe us it is more helpful or functional than Bluetooth. Once you are sure that your smartphone has NFC ability then you can even use Android Beam and transfer lot many things easily than you even imagine.

Hope we have made your questions regarding NFC answered with this feature. If you use NFC on your Android phone after reading this article then we wish you come back and give your views on it here in the comments section and also on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.