Today, smartphones have become a huge asset for people. From letting you manage your finance on-the-go to allowing you to keep a track of your fitness; they have come a long way, haven’t they?

You can check your heart rate using your Android smartphone. Luckily, most of the latest handsets have got this ability.

There are a number of heart rate monitor apps. However, these three are easily the best. Let’s have a look!

How to Check Heart Rate on Android Phone

How to Check Heart Rate using Android Smartphone/Tablet

#1. Instant Heart Rate

Instant Heart Rate Android AppInstant Heart Rate is a fantastic Heart Rate Monitor app. It lets you optimize your exercise and even track your progress.

Simply place the tip of your index finger on your Android device camera and your HR will be shown immediately. A real-time chart displays your every heart beat rhythm pace.

The app uses your device’ built-in camera to track color changes on the fingertip that is directly linked to your pulse.

Download Instant Heart Rate

#2. Cardiograph

Cardiograph Heart Rate Meter Android AppCardiograph enables you to measure your heart rate with utmost ease. Using this super handy app, you will be able to not only save your results for future reference but also keep track of a number of people with individual profiles.

Cardiograph uses your smartphone’s built-in camera in order to calculate your heart’s rhythm perfectly. With the excellent user-interface and advanced features, it has everything what it takes to be a top-notch HRM.

Download Cardiograph

#3. Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor

Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor Android AppWith the use of your Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor, you can accurately measure your heart rate after a training session to check out how your cardiovascular system is working under stress.

The app displays your HRM results in a graph. It provides several instant measurement types such as, resting HR, maximum HR, and HR before/after cardio. Runtastic shows how fast your heart beat is at any moment.

Download Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor

Now, go ahead and make the best use of these supremely advanced heart rate monitor apps. And, do not forget to share your feedback in the comments below or on Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus.