Google’s stylish, comfortable and compelling set of wireless headphones, Pixel Buds, has almost succeeded in securing a place in the heart of the people with its solid battery life and excellent sound quality. It has very satisfactory battery life and can stand up to five hours of continuous use per charge.

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But, it’s quite natural that anything having charge will drain out. Therefore, now almost all gadgets are displaying their battery status in order to keep the user informed about its energy level. The same is provided by Pixel buds too. Just like in our privouse post we have shown you how to check AirPods battery status. Here’s the guide showing how you can check the battery status of your Google Pixel Buds within few seconds.

How To Check The Battery Status of Google Pixel Buds

How To Check The Battery Status of Google Pixel Buds

There are two ways through which you can know the battery level of your Pixel Buds. Let’s see the first method.

How To Check The Battery Status of Google Pixel Buds Using Google Assistant

Step #1. Summon Google Assistant by holding a finger to the right earbud and talk, then let go once you’re finished. Or Open Google Assistant on your smartphone.

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Step #2. Ask/select headphones settings.

Step #3. Scroll down to see the battery level.

How To Check The Battery Status of Google Pixel Buds Using Phone Settings

Step #1. Go to the settings menu on your smartphone.

Step #2. Open Bluetooth settings, the battery level of Pixel buds will be displayed there.


Step #1. Scroll down the quick setting menu bar from the top of your screen on your smartphone.

Step #2. Tap on the arrow next to the Bluetooth icon.

Step #3. The Bluetooth screen will open up showing the battery level of your Pixel buds.


Google Pixel buds aren’t perfect as they have some flaws in their mechanism, but they aren’t waste either. Its sound and battery are the main highlights which took them to the highest rank in best wireless headphones today. So that now you can monitor its battery level, you can continue listening through it without a pause.

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