How to Change Navigation Bar Color on Android using the Navbar Apps

Got bored of same old colors on your bar which is provided as a default by your Android phone? You must be, but because Android is always great with the customization and also making changes time and again now we have the option to make our phone bar look more colorful. Even previously it was possible to do that but it had to do with root access.

We all know how the process of providing root access is long and always need to remain on our toes so that we don’t make any mistake while we do that.

How to Change Navigation Bar Color on Android using the Navbar Apps

How to Change Navigation Bar Color on Android using the Navbar Apps

Google Play Store has brought us a new app called Navbar Apps. This app will allow you to change the color of your Navigation bar on your Android phone as per your choice of the color. This is not it, it can also automatically match the color of the navigation bar with the color of the app itself once you open the app on your mobile. The best part is that we need not to give it a root access! The Navbar Apps also provides an option to show how much battery is available on your phone. But the best part is to have those image support on the navigation bar.

Navbar Apps

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Another good feature of this app is that we can set patterns or images on the navigation bar by replacing the bar’s color completely or we can even put a pattern which will automatically change to a preferred single color, but this feature may vary between various Operating Systems. Although the app developers have given some fantastic options in images and patterns but if you are still hungry for more, then there is a premium upgrade available as well.

So don’t wait to download the Navbar Apps. if you have Android 5.0 Lollipop and above and run it on your mobile and enjoy the colorful navigation bar within minutes.

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We would love to know your experience with the Navbar Apps once you download it. You can give your feedback to us by dropping in again and giving it in comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.