It is not necessary that you should change the OK Google command to something else, but for the sake of change and having something different and exciting it is worth to see a different command prefix than OK Google for sure. With an app called Open Mic+, it is now possible that you can change the OK Google to something else and that too of your choice.

If you wish to change OK Google to someone, you love the most. Or on the other side if you don’t like someone and want his name to follow your orders then also this change should excite you! Just kidding.

So, let us know how we can change the OK Google command to something else.

How to Change Google Now Command OK Google to Something Else

Before we move forward, we need to be assured of few things, which will help us to make this entire exercise possible. So please make sure about the following:

Step #1. First off, Download and Install the Open Mic+ app on your Android device and launch the app.

Step #2. A popup warning message will indicate you to turn off Google Now Word Detection, toggle that switch to Off by going to Settings button → Voice → Ok Google Detection.

Step #3. Head back to Open Mic+ app and tap on Pencil icon next to “Say Ok Google” option.

Step #4. Now give any new command you want to set for Google Now, e.g. “Jimmy” and press the green button to test your new command.

This is it! Now “Jimmy” will be your new Google Now command. Just keep this change in mind when you next do the voice search on your Google Now search, else it will not do the needful.

Do let us know how this tutorial helped you to change the Google Now command from OK Google to something else. You may give your feedback here in the comments section.