Be it recorded customer service or Siri, Alexa, Google Maps or Assistant. Generally, it’s the female voice that asks us or assists us in everything. Do you know why? Because, according to the studies, a female voice is considered to be more trustworthy and more likely to be perceived as helpful, than a male voice which sounds authoritative. But after a digging deep into the version 7.12 of the Google app, we discovered it has a hidden male voice. As the tech giants like Apple, Amazon, and Google are trying their every way to make their virtual assistants sound like a real human, this alternative voice of Google Assistant, is really quite interesting.

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So, if you want a change from the usual female voice, you can simply enable the male voice and even switch between the female voice (Voice I) and the male voice (Voice II) whenever you want, just in few steps. Ready, then let’s see how to change your Google Home voice between female and male.

How to Change Your Google Home Voice Between Female and Male

How To Change the Voice of Google Home and Home Mini?

(Please note, once you change the voice setting, you will hear either the female or male voice on all of your Assistant devices. If you don’t see the setting option just yet, make sure that you’ve updated both the Google and Home applications.)

Ensure first your Smartphone is connected to the same Wi-Fi as your Google Home device.

Step #1. Launch Google Home app on your device.

Step #2. Tap on the three-dot menu button on the top left side of the display.

Step #3. Check whether the listed Google account is the one linked to Google Home. If not, switch accounts by clicking on the triangle next to the account name and email address.

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Step #4. Select More settings under the Google Assistant subheading.

Step #5. Tap PreferencesAssistant Voice.

Step #6. Choose Voice I (female) or Voice II (male). You can also listen to the preview of each voice by tapping on the blue speaker icon and set the selected voice for all of your devices that have Assistant built-in.

How To Change Google Assistants’ Voice Using the Assistant

Step #1. Say or type “Ok Google” “change your voice” or launch Google Assistant by long pressing the Home button

Step #2. Google Assistant will play an example clip of its other voice for you and ask whether you would like to switch to that voice

Step #3. Say “yes.” You can switch back whenever you want by asking it for the other voice again

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Wrapping up

Listening to the same female voice may have turned quite boring for you, but as always Google surprises us every time. Note that this feature is available only in US English system language hence, switching to other languages may not be possible right now. Let’s wait and hope Google will soon even make that possible for us too. Till then, stay tuned for more guideline from us and don’t forget to share your valuable thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below or on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.