I have been using Windows PC for several years. More often than not, I have to download a number of files on my computer. By default, the downloaded files are saved in the Downloads folder. Is there a way to change the default file download location on Windows?

Both Chrome and Firefox allows you to set your preferred download location as per your need. You can even choose a particular location each time you download any file. It’s quite straightforward. Let’s dive ahead to discover how you can get it done!

How to Change File Download Location in Chrome on Windows PC

Step #1. Launch Chrome on your Windows PC.

Step #2. Now, you will have to click on Menu icon at the top right corner

Step #3. Click on Settings.

Step #4. Now, you need to click on Show advanced settings.

Step #5. Scroll down until you see the “Downloads” section.

Step #6. Click on Change and choose the default file download location.

If you would rather select a particular location for each download, you have to select the “Ask where to save each file before downloading”.

That’s done!

How to Change File Download Location in Mozilla Firefox on Windows PC

Step #1. Open Firefox on your Windows PC.

Step #2. Click on the menu icon at the top right corner.

Step #3. Next up, you need to select Options.

Step #4. In the general tab under Downloads, click on browse button at the far right.

Step #5. Now, you have to choose the location which you wish to set as the Default Download Location.

There is an option to let you choose the download location each time you download. Simply check the box next to Always ask me where to save files.

That’s it!

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