Alexa is pretty common name, and that is why sometimes it creates confusion with your Amazon Echo as well because its voice assistant’s name is also Alexa. So, to clear the confusion you should change Alexa’s name on your Amazon Echo and for that, you need to make certain adjustments on your Alexa app which you have got on your Android and iPhone app.

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Once you change the name of Alexa then you will not face the embarrassment if someone in your family or close relative, visiting your house regularly, has this name and Amazon Echo will not start saying “I don’t understand”, as it will not start automatically. All you need to do to change your Alexa’s name is to follow the simple procedure which we are providing below.

How to Change Alexa Name on iPhone or Android

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How to Change Alexa’s Name on iPhone and Android

Step #1. Open the Alexa app on your iOS or Android smartphone or go to and sign in.

Step #2. On iOS and Android apps tap on the three horizontal (hamburger menu) lines on the top left corner and expand the side menu.

Step #3. Tap on Settings and then tap on one of the devices under ‘Alexa Devices’ to change the name of a particular device.

Step #4. Tap on Wake Word.

Step #5. Now tap on drop-down menu and select either Amazon or Echo option, and tap on Save.

Remember after changing the name of Alexa now you have to either say Amazon or Echo to give the command to your Amazon Echo according to your choice you have just saved.

We are sure you will now easily change the name of your Amazon Echo from Alexa and will avoid the confusion if any. For more Amazon Echo Tips and Tricks you can also go to our other article and get the best out of your smart device.

Do let us know how this small tutorial helped you to change the name of your Alexa at home. We are waiting for your comments on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus and also here in the comments section below.