If you have heard people for last few months saying that they have caught a Ditto which is elusive for you then we advise you not to believe him. The reason behind being so sure about Ditto being claimed by others is that it was made available just during mid-November only and thus any claim prior to that day are deemed to be false.

Even only 3 weeks have passed since Ditto was introduced we have seen many having them in their Pokedex and here is the reason why.

How to Catch and Use a Ditto in Pokémon Go on iPhone and Android

How to Catch and Use a Ditto in Pokémon Go on iPhone and Android

How to Catch Ditto in Pokémon Go on iPhone and Android

Despite being 3 weeks passed as we said if you haven’t found a single Ditto then it is not your fault because Ditto doesn’t come with his own identity. Yes, Ditto hides in other Pokémon and strange part of it that they are not rare Pokémon. There are many players we have witnessed who have found Ditto in Zubats, Pidgeys, Rattatas and even hiding as Magikarps.

It is very easy to catch a Ditto because when you catch a Ditto your Pokeball will stop vibrating and it will say, “Oh?” and then whichever Pokémon you have caught will automatically turn into Ditto. It’s that easy! Now since you are aware that Ditto can be hidden in any Pokémon you probably will start catching all the Pokémon around you indiscriminately. Well, that will only use too many balls but you may be able to catch a Ditto hiding somewhere.

The easiest way to capture a Ditto is to play with friends and some of you just in case finds a Ditto then he can reveal the rest of the trainees about it and the other team members can also go there and catch theirs. So play as a team and wait for the call “I got a Ditto!” by your trainer. You may even use the latest Nearby Tracker to find your Ditto hiding behind other Pokémon.

How to Use Ditto in Pokémon Go on iPhone and Android

You need to take the Ditto to the gym and train it for the battle. But here is the catch, like the way you caught the Ditto hiding behind some other Pokémon it will work as the Pokémon only which it transforms into and it will remain like that till the battle is over. Ditto doesn’t take anything on the CP and stats even after it is transformed into the Pokémon it is battling and also using its move. So it is advised to have a tough Ditto before you get it into the Gym.

More, the Ditto also takes a few seconds to get transformed completely so it also eats into your valuable time from the fight especially if you like to get away with the first couple of hits to get the first advantage. We haven’t witnessed what happens when two Dittos battle against each other but those who have seen has told us that both the Dittos first move around with shaking and jiggling till the get into the secondary move. Yes, only one of those Dittos can win the fight!

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