With iOS 10, 3D Touch has become more versatile. You can now use this touch technology in Control Center, on Lock screen and more. It is set to redefine your user-experience.

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There is one little 3D Touch gesture that has caught my eyes is the ability to control app downloads. Earlier you could easily pause and resume an app download by just tapping on the app icon. But to cancel an app download, you had to press and hold the app icon and when it began to jiggle then tap on the “x” icon and then confirm. It was a bit lengthy, wasn’t it?

How to Cancel App Downloads using 3D Touch in iOS 10 on iPhone

How to Cancel App Downloads using 3D Touch in iOS 10 on iPhone

Now if you have iPhone 6s/6s Plus or newer iPhones which support 3D Touch technology, you can cancel an app download instantly.

Step #1. Just press the app icon.

Just press the app icon

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Step #2. A shortcut menu will appear. Tap on “Cancel Download” option.

Tap on “Cancel Download” option

That’s it! The download process will stop and the app will disappear from the screen.

Apart from the option to cancel download, 3D Touch Quick Actions menu has the options to let you pause and resume the download and share the app.

It’s nice to see 3D Touch being so user-friendly in iOS 10. Even though the touch technology was pretty good in iOS 9, I always felt it could get a lot better.

The latest iOS ecosystem allows you to use 3D Touch even in Control Center. As for instance, you can now press the camera icon to reveal the option to take a selfie, record video. Better still; simply press a notification from any messaging app like WhatsApp on the Lock screen to reply to it without needing to launch the app.

What do you think of 3D Touch? Has it really become more user-friendly now? Do let us know in the comments below or on Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus.