Even if you cancel the free trial, you will still be considered as Amazon customer. However, you will no longer have access to Amazon Music, Instant Video, and Kindle Library and also Amazon Prime Day in July. If you do not cancel your free trial membership, then your service will be automatically converted to the paid membership after 30 days. The one downside of it is that you will loss the benefit of free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime. Any way you want to go ahead with the process? Let’s jump over!

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial Membership Using a Mobile App

Step #1. Launch Amazon App on your smartphone.

Step #2. Sing in with your Amazon Account.

Step #3. Next, tap of 3-dot toggle on the top left the side of the app.

Step #4. Tap on Your Account.

Step #5. Next, tap on Manage Prime Membership under the Account Settings category.

Step #6. Scroll down and tap on Do not continue or End free trial membership from the left side of the screen

Step #7. On the next screen, choose Do not continue or End free trial membership.

You also have an option to turn off automatic new feature if you do not want to be charged after the 30 days of free trial. So go to your Amazon Prime Settings and click on “do not auto-renew” option, they won’t automatically take money from your account when the free trial ends.

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How to Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial Membership Using the Desktop Site

Step #1. Open the Amazon Website.

Step #2. Sing in with your Amazon Account.

Step #3. Click on Your Prime Membership under the Your Account category.

Step #4. Next, click on “Do not continue my free trial” on the right side of your screen.

Step #5. Now, Amazon will show you multiple options- Remind Me Later, End My Benefits and Keep My Benefits. You can select the End My Benefits button.

Step #6. Next, Click on End Membership button.

Step #7. Finally. You need to confirm to cancel membership by Click on Cancel Membership Button.

Now Amazon will give you confirmation after 2-3 days about your cancellation of the free trial.

So now feel free to use the benefits of the free trial, your free trial will only run for 30 days but will not deduct $99 amount from your account at the end of the trial.

Although, I genuinely suggest you think twice before stepping to cancel the free trial. The membership charge of $99 per year sounds much, but when you divide the amount by 12 months, you will find the result less than the Netflix’s subscription charges.

Well, we hope that this guide worked for you, if you still have any query and difficult while canceling Amazon Prime Free Trial then you can ask us in commenting sections.