“Sharing is caring” – this is what I read somewhere on one of the social media. The meaning of this to care for someone and make them happy by sharing what they need. Most of the mobile networks allow sharing the mobile data with other devices via tethering without any limit. On the other hand, there are certain networks like T-Mobile, which do not allow free sharing and added certain conditions for tethering.

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If you are a client of T-Mobile then you might be enjoying unlimited data but the network provider has the restriction on hotspot data. However, there is a to opt-out this limit. We are going to provide you a tutorial here which will help us to easily bypass T-Mobile’s tethering limit on Android, and thus you will be able to enjoy high-speed data on a hotspot.

How to Bypass T-Mobile Tethering Limit on Android Phone

How to Bypass the T-Mobile Hotspot Tethering Limit on Android

Before we move to the step to solve the problem, we must know that the APN setting is the main reason which restricts a specific amount of data when you use a hotspot. So if you can edit the APN settings of your T-Mobile, then you can easily bypass its limited data permit meant for Hotspot.

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Step #1. Down your notification shed on your Android mobile. (This may vary between different mobile brands. Hence you may directly go to the settings app in your mobile.)

Step #2. Under the Mobile Networks tab, you will find the related settings tap on that.

Step #3. Over here you will find “Access Point Names” or APN which you need to edit. Tap on it.

Step #4. Now tap on your T-Mobile network collection.

Step #5. Select “APN type”.

Step #6. Add “dun” to the section.

Step #7. Make sure to tap on “save” before you exit the network settings.

Step #8. Now reboot your mobile.

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This should be it! Now you have successfully bypassed the T-Mobile tethering limit on your Android phone. If you are a T-Mobile user, then we would like to get your feedback on this trick. Just tell us in the comments section below that whether it worked or not. You may also post your views on your various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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