SMS are still the sweetest way to communicate between two known people; despite we are filled with plenty of message based Android apps. But even SMS can start annoying you when you don’t want to receive them from a particular person. Sometimes even spam messages just keep on coming for the entire day. These kinds of messages even bother you when you are in a deep sleep at night, leaving your phone on due to business commitments.

There is always a help available to block the spam calls but still, there is a little know-how on how to block annoying text messages or SMS. In this article, we will show you how you can block those SMS which you do not wish to receive directly on your mobile or by using a third-party app.

How to block text messages on Android Phone

How to block text messages or SMS on Android smartphone

So here we are going to learn how we will block those annoying SMS or text messages which you never wanted to receive by using two simple ways.

1st Method: Blocking text messages or SMS on Android by using messaging app

For the Android users having KitKat 4.4 and above, they can simply block SMS by using default messaging app. If you don’t want to have too many spam protection options, then nothing can beat this to keep the annoying text messages away. All you need to do is to follow these two simple steps.

Step #1. Go to your text message app on Android mobile and press and hold the message which is annoying you. When you do this, depending upon your device model and version, you will be seeing different kinds of option just at the top of your screen.

Press and hold the message which you want to Block

Step #2. Over there you must be seeing “Add to Spam” or “Block” option. Just tap on that option and you won’t be receiving any text message from that particular sender.

Just Tap on Block icon, again press for Confirmation

2nd Method: Using third-party app to block annoying text message sender

We know that in a single day, you must be receiving handful of spam SMS on your device. Deleting those bulk messages one by one or even by selecting all and deleting them at once is very hard thing to do. For such a problem out of many SMS blocking apps, we have found SMS Blocker app as the best option for this problem. So just follow these steps and get rid of the spammers within no time.

Step #1. Download SMS Blocker from here.

Download SMS Blocker on your Android Phone

Step #2. Open the app, Tap on “+” button, next, select “manual entry”, and then you can block number directly those annoying spammers.

Tap on + Button, Then Add number to block

Step #3. The second way is to block entire series numbers that all those telemarketers bother you, first you need to select those numbers or telemarketers message and then finally tap on “Add in Block list” option. After that, you will receive no such SMS in future.

Block Entire series numbers that all those telemarketers bother

Before we leave…

These are the best ways to block those annoying SMS or spam text messages. They are simple and will make you stop bothering about when you next hear the chime you have set for your SMS notification.

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