How to Block Push Notifications in Google Chrome on Android Phone

Getting informed by push notification is good because then only you can keep a track about your favorite websites. But at times, just like one of my cousins you could feel the irritated by them if they keep on coming every second minute. This cousin of mine surfs a lot over Google Chrome on her Android phone. She is a fashion freak, she also loves her movies and music, and hence to keep a track she has allowed too many push notifications on her Android Chrome app.

Push notifications are only good when a particular site is a relatively not much active, for example, a blogging site. But if you have allowed push notifications to a website which is constantly updating the info then you got to feel irritated just like my cousin does. After getting a number of complaints from that cousin of mine I have found a way out to block push notifications. By doing this procedure you can either block push notifications from all the sites you have subscribed to or those selected ones which you don’t want to get those irritating sounds. I am sure just like my cousin you too will thank me after reading this article.

How to Block Push Notifications in Google Chrome on Android Phone

How to Block Push Notifications in Google Chrome on Android Phone

Step #1. Open the Chrome app on your Android phone.

Step #2. On the top right corner of your screen, you will find three dots vertically placed, tap on it.

Tap on three vertical dots

Step #3. Tap on “Settings” from the scrolled-down menu.

Tap on Settings from the scrolled-down menu

Step #4. Now, tap on “Site Settings”.

Tap on Site Settings

Step #5. Next, Tap on “Notifications”.

Tap on Notifications

Step #6. Select the website you wish to block push notifications coming from.

Step #7. Finally, you need to toggle “Off” to the switch next to Notification (you can found it under the Permissions settings) to Block.

Toggle ‘Off’ to the Switch next to Notification

Your job is over now. You will not receive any push notification from those websites you have selected any further.

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Isn’t this a simpler process than you thought right? Hope I have made you relaxed a bit from your irritation raised from frequent push notifications. Do share your experience either below in the comments space or on social media platforms like Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus.