A friend of mine had a habit which turned out to be a really bad one for him. He used to keep all his important SMS for months and never used to delete them. Obviously, if certain SMS or Text Messages are important for someone he can’t delete them. One fine (or a bad?) morning when his phone was getting out of storage he cleared many app’s cache and data and in a hurry to get back the maximum space on his mobile my friend accidently deleted few of those important SMS as well. There is nothing called ‘BIN’ when it comes to Android’s SMS app so once you delete them it goes forever.

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Naturally, my friend was panicked but what else could he do as he had no option at that point of time to take a backup of those SMS which was having a huge importance for him. Having ample space for running all those apps smoothly was an issue which also needed to be addressed at that point in time. But now if that friend of mine wants an extra space in his mobile and also don’t want to lose any of his SMS there is a solution available. Here is how one can get the backup of all his SMS/Text messages in Gmail itself and feel free as even if the SMS gets deleted from SMS app it will remain in the Gmail forever.

How to Backup SMS or Text Messages from Android Phone to Gmail

How to Backup SMS/Text Messages from Android Phone to Gmail

Sounds interesting? Then here is how you can also take a backup of your SMS/Text messages in your Gmail account and feel free. Just follow the simplest of steps mentioned below.

Step #1. The first step towards enabling the backup of your SMS to your Gmail is to enable the IMAP access to it. Just follow the path given below after you signing to your Gmail account from your Desktop or Laptop.

Settings → Forwarding and POP/IMAP

Step #2. You will see multiple options in the window that has opened but you just need to click on the box just next to “Enable IMAP”.

Enable IMAP in your Gmail Settings

Step #3. Now to smoothen the procedure of the backup of your SMS to Gmail, you need an app which is called SMS Backup+ in your Android mobile, which you can directly download from Google Play store or even by clicking here.

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Download SMS Backup+ on your Android Phone

Step #4. Launch the SMS Backup+ app on your Android phone and tap on the “Connect” button.

Launch the SMS Backup+ app and tap on Connect button

Step #5. A pop-up will open which will have all the Gmail accounts you are connected with through this Android mobile, tap on the one which you wish your SMS to be backed up by.

A pop up will open tap on the one which you wish your SMS to be backed up by

Step #6. Now tap on “Allow” to grant the permission of the backup and then on “Backup” to confirm the backing up of your SMS to Gmail.

Tap on Allow to grant the permission and then on “Backup” to confirm

This is the way how you and that friend of mine can now take a backup of their important SMS/Text messages with their Gmail account. Isn’t this procedure simple? My friend will be extremely happy knowing that he can now backup his SMS without fearing of losing them, what about you? Do let us know about it here in the comments or in the social media platforms like Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus.