There may be different fans of different operating systems (OS) like Windows and Mac but both of them are just awesome, to say the least. Both are doing their best always to improve the user experience and also the safety. Apple’s Mac also provides extra facilities by giving away many inbuilt apps. Such apps are now also part of iOS as well but still for some iPhone users it still lacks certain things which need to be considered.

Apple offers Notes which is a note taking the app and you can use it by writing a note and save it for a future use. If you have a habit of forgetting certain things then the Notes app is really useful to you. If you save your notes on Gmail, Google Drive or iCloud then it will be safe forever, but if you have saved it in the local storage then there are changes that they may get deleted. Or even if you are thinking of changing your smartphone then your notes will be lost. So what is the solution?

How to Backup iPhone Notes on Windows and Mac

How to Backup iPhone Notes on Windows and Mac Easily

The solution is software and by taking help, you can take backup of your iPhone notes in no time. All you need to do is a USB cable. Yes, you don’t need to have any Wi-Fi network to transfer your notes from your iPhone to your PC having Windows of Mac. Here is how you can do that.

Step #1. First, you need to have internet explorer if you don’t have it then download it from here.

Step #2. After installing it, now connect your iPhone to your PC via a USB cable and the sync process will be done within a few seconds.

Step #3. Tap on Data tab and select Notes because you want to take a backup of Notes.

Step #4. Before the synchronization of your Note starts it will ask you to back up your entire iPhone, but you need to skip that.

Step #5. After the sync of your Notes is over you need to choose one of the two options being offered “Export to TXT” or “Export to PDF”. Click on your preferred choice.

Now all your notes are saved on your Windows PC or Mac at your desired place. This is how you can take the backup of your Notes on your PC. If you liked this idea then do comment on this article below or let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.