I’m really tired of hitting “I’m a passenger” button time again in Pokémon Go. Even if I’m not playing the game while driving, the warning popup appears repeatedly. Can I get rid of it?

Well, a number of Pokémon Go users are annoyed with the driving warning and are looking for some tricks to avoid it.

As you know that this augmented-reality game uses GPS to determine your location, whenever it finds you are moving faster than two legs, it warns you.

Though you can quickly dismiss the message by making it know that you are passenger, it can cause huge annoyance especially when you get it again and again. Here are some tips and tricks to avoid it.

How to avoid a Driving Warning in Pokémon Go on Android Phone

Keep a Track of Your Speed

While playing the game, make sure to move normally. It pings your device every few minutes. And, if the distance between two pings is under 6.5mph, it thinks you are walking. Hence, keep the rule in mind.

In case, you are driving a car, bike or skateboard to cheat the game, make sure to keep the speed under 6.5mph.

Make Sure Wi-Fi is Enabled

There are times when you will get the warning popup even when you are playing the game sitting at your couch. It’s because of the GPS drift.

When your device is unable to get the perfect GPS connection, your trainer avatar drifts in a radius around your position. You need to enable Wi-Fi in order to assist your device in getting a precise location.

Find the Place with the Better GPS Connection

While playing this game at home or office, I often get the driving warning. However, when I play it in the park, open areas or on the terrace, I see very few warning pop-ups.

The other thing that you can do is set your smartphone up at a place with the best GPS connection and remotely track it. And if you find anything worth going after, you can catch it.

That’s it! Hopefully, these tips help you in avoiding the pop-up message. Do you know any other trick of getting rid of this driving warning? It would be nice if you share it with us in the comments below.