Watching same old wallpapers every day and every minute can be quite boring. If you think that it is impossible to change wallpapers, then let us tell you it is possible. You can change wallpapers on an Android phone frequently and can also set the change based on time, location, day and do more.

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This is possible because of one app, and that app’s name is Smart Wallpaper. With the help of this app, you can automatically change wallpaper on Android by time, location, and day. So let’s know more about the process.

How to Automatically Change Wallpaper on Android

Download Android 6.0 Marshmallow stock images and Download Samsung Galaxy S7 wallpaper images.

These two zip files will give you some of the most beautiful wallpapers which you can use for Smart Wallpaper app.

Automatically Change Wallpaper on Android by Time, Location, Day and More

Step #1. Download Smart Wallpaper app from Google Play Store on your Android device.

Download Smart Wallpaper app on your Android device

Step #2. Once you download the app and launch it will greet you with a quick guide.

launch the app and greet you with a quick guide

Step #3. Now, you will see many conditions to set wallpapers with ‘Select’ options next to them. Select the options according to your choice.

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Select the options according to your choice

Step #4. For Android Marshmallow or higher version users there will be an extra permissions need to grant, just tap on the yellow section of the screen and then tap on ‘Allow.’

Tap on Allow to extra permissions need to grant

Step #5. Now, you need to tap on Plus Button under different categories like ‘Weekdays’ or ‘WiFi network.’ Also select from subcategories like specific day, week or WiFi network if you wish to.

Tap on Plus Button under Wifi and Select the Wifi network

Step #6. Next, Tap on Your gallery, and then choose your favorite wallpaper or Photo.

Tap on Your gallery, and then choose your favorite wallpaper

Now that you know how you can change the wallpapers according to time, day, week, location and network, do share this article with your friends so they can also make their Android phone look different. Mind you; you can also change the way you see your Android smartphone by installing best Android Launcher apps.

Share your experience with us also on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or here in the comments section about this app once you start using it.