As if getting added in a group without taking our consent is less irritating getting involved in a flood of notification is just a nightmare. These notifications are at their worst when you are in something important and either your phone beeps, blinks or vibrates. The solution is to either leave the chat group, which sometimes is not possible or mute them one after the other. Now that WhatsApp allows tagging in chat groups, notifications will only increase.

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But Android has its solution and perhaps the best one too. Now we have an app called Mutifier which will help us to get all those group chat notifications mute at one go. The app lives up to its name by letting the first notification from a chat group beep and then silences the next. Probably Mutifier is the answer you were looking for a long time.

How to Auto-Mute Group Chat Notifications in Android Phone

How to Auto-Mute All Group Chat Notifications on Android Phone

Mutifier is available on Google Play Store but one thing you need to take note is that this app runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher versions only. So if you are equipped with desired OS then let’s begin the process.

Step #1. Download Mutifier App from Google Play Store.

Download Mutifier App

Step #2. Launch Mutifier app on your Android phone.

Launch Mutifier app on your Android phone

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Step #3. The app will now prompt you to grant notification access, tap on OK.

Tap on OK to grant notification access

Step #4. Now you are on Notification access menu so you need to toggle next to the Mutifier app icon to Allow.

Toggle next to the Mutifier app icon to Allow

Step #5. Head back to the app to set intervals. The app virtually works on after how many numbers of notifications you want to stop so decide your number and press the box “check to activate”.

Numbers of notifications you want to stop so decide your number and press the box check to activate


That’s it! Now you will not be bombarded with those irritating group chat notifications. Just make sure that you have selected the right number of notifications so you won’t miss the important ones. Tell us how you like this article here in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.