Google has changed the UI of volume slider in its latest Android P. With this; you can use a virtual slider on the screen to adjust the volume; this eliminates the need to press the volume rockers on your smartphone. The physical buttons get some rest, but this creates some confusion. The volume rockers just change the media volume, and not change ringtone volume on your Android P. So how to change ringtone volume on a device running Android P?

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When a user press volume up or down button, an interface appears on the right side of the device screen. This interface is divided into three things: current state of phone’s notification sound (ring, vibrate, silent), media volume, and settings icon. If you are not playing anything on your phone and press the volume buttons, your media volume gets adjusted, and not the ringtone. But if someone is calling you and you press the volume rocker, you will see an expanded volume interface, and you can change the ringtone volume.

How to Change Ringtone Volume on Android P

In case, you want to change the ringtone volume when nobody is calling; you can use that gear icon.

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How to Adjust Ringtone Volume on Android P

Step #1. Press the volume up or down button on your device running Android P.

Step #2. You will see a volume interface on the right side of your phone screen.

Step #3. Now tap on gear (settings) icon.

Step #4. You will be landed on Sound menu.

Here, you will find three options:

  • Media volume
  • Alarm volume
  • Ring volume

You can now quickly adjust the ringtone volume on Android P.

That’s all friends!

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I know that the workaround is a bit complex or time taking. Let’s hope Google improves this volume interface and reduce our efforts to adjust ringtone volume on Android P.

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