Nowadays, people are traveling a lot and using the Google Maps to get perfect and shortest route to reach the destination quickly. But, sometimes while using the Google Maps, they overlook speed limit which leads accidents or rules. It would be better to have the speedometer on Google Maps to get a real-time speed limit indication.

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You will be glad to know that with the help of a third-party app called Velociraptor, you can add a speedometer on Google Maps and enable alerts when you are exceeding the prescribed speed limit. Sounds interesting? Let’s take a look at how to add speed alerts to Google Maps on Android Phone.

How to Add Speed Alerts to Google Maps on Android Phone

How to Add Speed Alerts to Google Maps on Android Phone

There are some navigation apps which has the inbuilt feature of the speedometer; Velociraptor works with almost all of those apps equally well. But it is believed that people believe and use the Google’s own Maps app, so we are just going to add the speed limit feature in it. Here is how we will go about the things.

Step #1. Download the Velociraptor App from Google Play Store.

Step #2. Open the Velociraptor app and go to settings.

Step #3. Toggle the switch next to “Allow Velociraptor” to detect the current app by turning on its accessibility service.”

Toggle the switch to Allow Velociraptor to detect the current app

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Step #4. Now the Accessibility Settings will open, enable Velociraptor too.

In Accessibility Settings, Enable Velociraptor

Step #5. Go back to app settings and customize options of your likings like enable/disable sound alerts for exceeding the speed limit, change the unit to miles or kilometers per hour and speeding alert tolerance.

The silent feature of this app is that you can change the international style speed limit indicator according to your choice or you can use the US one which you can easily customize. Velociraptor is compatible with most of the apps but you can still review the list, and you may disable the apps under ‘Show in these apps’ which you don’t think necessary to use Velociraptor.

That’s it!

Now your Google Maps app is equipped with speed alert feature. Remember one thing Velociraptor uses services of OpenStreetMap and HERE maps so it won’t work well where these two services don’t have any coverage.

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