How to Add or Remove an App from the Google Play Family Library

If you want to share a particular app, game, book or a movie individually with your family members then know how to add or remove an app from the Google Play Family Library.

It is always great fun playing games with your family in your own backyard. But probably the technology has taken over that part of our life as well. Google has also finally learned the importance of playing games with family after Apple did sometimes back and has introduced the Family Library service in its Google Play Store. With this feature, you can play or share games, apps, books or even movies with your family members who are also using Android phones.

But sometimes you want to select those apps, games, books or movies manually which you want to share with your family, any idea how you will do it? Well, there is no problem at all. In this tutorial, you will know how you can add or remove an app from your Google Play Family Library (You may also check out how to Setup Google Play Family Library on Android Phone ). But over here you need to know that not every app or game will allow you to use this option to add or remove them from Family Library. Still interested? Then follow the steps given below.

How to Add or Remove an App from the Google Play Family Library

How to Add or Remove an App from the Google Play Family Library

The removal or addition of a game, book, app or movie from your family library in the Google Play store is very easy. All you need to have is a primary Google account which will enable you to change the status of the app or game which are shared with your family.

Step #1. Launch Google Play Store on your Android phone.

Step #2. Head over to the game or app you want to add or remove from the family library.

Step #3. If that particular app allows you to add or remove itself to/from your family library then you will see a toggle switch just given blow the UNINSTALL and OPEN options. Just toggle that switch according to your choice.

Toggle the App switch

This is it! Isn’t it the simplest of ways to add or remove the app or game from the Google play family library? Now you can share them individually with your family members easily. Hope you have liked the idea and understood the tutorial. If you have also tried this after reading this tutorial then do come back and let us know your experience in comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.