What made Windows easy is to retrieve our deleted files from its Recycle bin and getting them restored at their original place instantly. People often say that with the introduction of Android and other smartphones a day will come when people start using PCs less. Well, probably their thinking is not that wrong but one need to accept that despite getting updated every now and then, Android OS still requires tightening few loose ends.

One such feature lacking in Android phones is a Recycle Bin, just like we have in our PCs or laptops. As we have mentioned at the very beginning of this article that recycle bin has made usage of PC comfortable so imagine if you get such facility in Android phone too then what comfort will you have? Currently, Google itself doesn’t give you an option of recycle bin apart from retrieving deleted text messages, but there are options available which can help you to get your own recycle bin on your Android phone. So let us know how you can do that in just 3 easy moves.

How to Add Recycle Bin on Android Phone

Step #1. Download Dumpster App on Android Phone

You need to have a third party app which works just like Recycle Bin for your Android phone. Once such app we have found is Dumpster. Dumpster will allow you to retrieve your deleted photos, music files and videos and much more such things which you probably have not imagined. So all you need first is to download Dumpster from Google Play Store.

Step #2. Configure the Dumpster app on Android Phone

Once your Dumpster app is downloaded then you need to configure it. So first go to the Settings tab by tapping on the three dot menu button and then Dumper will prompt you to configure the app. Select the options for which you want to feel secure if you have deleted some data and want to restore it. You can choose options like Images, Videos, Audio etc. I future you can even disable the option which you don’t need anymore.

Step #3. Use Recycle Bin on Android with Dumpster

Now you are set to use the Dumpster app. Just go to the main screen of the app and tap on the drop-down menu and select which types of files you want to recover. Over here you may find multiple files so you may tap on the entry to view all the files individually. Now if you have found the file you want to retrieve just tap on the “Restore” button and file will be restored to your device. You can even delete a file permanently or share with your friends by choosing “Delete” or “Share” buttons respectively.


We are sure that you were never this sure that you can even get a Recycle Bin for your Android gadget just like you have on your PC. Now you have it so share your experience with us here in the comments section.