In 2017, Samsung Pay announced PayPal integration. And now the thing happens as you can add PayPal account to Samsung Pay app to ease your digital transactions. An update has been rolled out on Google Play, and you need to use the new feature. Before you add your PayPal account to Samsung Pay, you should check Google Play to see an update.

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PayPal has long been used to transfer money across the globe, and therefore, users don’t want to cut ties with the money transfer app. Thankfully, Samsung has made it possible for users to link PayPal account to Samsung Pay app and now the life has become easier.

How to Add PayPal Account to Samsung Pay App

How to Link PayPal Account to Samsung Pay app

Step #1. Launch Samsung Pay app on your phone.

Step #2. Now choose the Wallet tab seen on the bottom menu.

Step #3. Next, tap on ‘+’ icon and then Add PayPal.

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In the next few steps, you are required to sign into your PayPal account and authorize Samsung Pay to access your PayPal. It is a matter of few seconds!

Once your PayPal account is linked with Samsung Pay, you need to set a PIN code to make purchases in a store. Don’t forget your PIN code.

Also, note that you need to confirm the amount Samsung Pay uses to top up PayPal account. You can select a minimum of $10 and maximum $50. If your PayPal account balance shows zero amounts, Samsung Pay will charge your payment source the set amount to cover the difference.

That’s all friends!

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This is an excellent move by Samsung Pay as it will benefit a lot of users, who receive money from the other side of the borders. Would you like to add your PayPal account to Samsung Pay? Share your feedback with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.