Considering the cumulative trend of GIFs among people on different social media platforms, Snapchat has recently added a new GIF features for its Android and iOS users. Hence, you can quickly add GIF stickers to your Snapchat stories to make your story much eye-catching likewise Instagram.

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Well, many people got upset with the last Snapchat update and decided to revert to the previous version of the app. Hope this new GIF update divert their minds and keep them engaged with the app. The company has added animated GIFs stickers from the Giphy library just like an Instagram app. Without further bother, let’s see how to add animated GIFs to your Snap story on Android and iPhone.

How to Add GIF Stickers to Your Snapchat Stories

How to Add Animated GIFs Stickers in Snapchat Story on Android and iPhone

Note: Snapchat’s GIF feature is currently rolling out for all users around the world. So, if this feature is not available on your device then keep checking for new update, you may soon get the new GIF function on your phone.

Step #1. Open the Snapchat app on your smartphone.

Step #2. Capture a Snap as per your liking.

Step #3. Next, tap on the sticker icon on the right side of the screen.

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Step #4. Once you are in sticker menu, tap on blank search space at the top of the app, and you will be able to see some trending GIPHY. You can select either from the trend or search for new in the box.

Step #5. Once you have found a perfect GIF sticker as per your choice, just tap on the GIF to apply on your snap and drag anywhere on the screen.

Step #6. Now your new Snap is ready with new animated GIF story. Hit the Story or Send To button as per your choice to showcase.

That’s it!

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So, did you like this new GIFs feature in Snapchat instead of an annoying interface? Once after using this function, let us know your experience in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Well, the company is planning to add a new feature called Tabs, which will help users to shape and see the Stories they want. And also, it will allow users to sort through friends with active Stories, Group Chats, and Discover subscriptions.