After so many pleas and requests by Twitter users, it seems that Twitter has finally given up and has extended some changes in its overall function. Just last month they brought features like QR Code for identification and Twitter Moments for bringing back past memories to your Time Line. Last week Twitter has added 3 new features, one of them is that now you can also see which tweet has been favorited by someone whom you are following on your Time Line, then came Twitter Live and now we are going to talk about adding Emojis to your tweets on PC.

Till now you could add Emojis to your tweets only if you are tweeting from your smartphone, but now you can add them when you are tweeting from your desktop or laptop. Twitter has brought range of Emojis which are distributed in various categories. The best part of this is that we are already accustomed with these Emojis, thanks to our smartphones. The usage of these Emojis is simple as well. So, let’s know how we can add Emojis to our tweets on PC.

How to Add Emojis in Twitter on PC

Step #1. Go to and get yourself logged in with your log-in credentials.

Step #2. Write your fresh tweet in the given space by keeping in mind that you have to add Emoji(s) to it and the character limit is just 140.

Step #3. In the space given for writing a tweet at the bottom right hand, you will find a ‘smiley icon’, click on it.

Step #4. Now you can see the range of Emojis which are categorized in 8 different categorize. (All these 8 categories are explained below.) Select any of the listed Emojis, preferably according to the mood of your tweet and click on it.

Step #5. That’s it the chosen Emoji will be added to your tweet and then you can click on ‘Tweet’ to post your tweet which has an Emoji now.

As we have mentioned that all the Emojis on Twitter are categorized in 8 different categories and these categories are….

  • Smileys & people
  • Animals & nature
  • Food & drink
  • Activity (Sports)
  • Travel & places
  • Objects
  • Symbols
  • Flags

You can reuse the Emojis you have already tweeted easily by clicking on ‘Recently used’ category which is at the top of the list with ‘Clock’ icon.


So, one after the other Twitter is unveiling and adding new features, out of which few of them are exclusively for smartphones and some, are for PC only and rest of them can be used on both the platforms.

Hope, you have liked this informative article about how to add Twitter Emojis in your tweet on PC. Do let us know your experience about it here in the comments section. Your feedback is extremely important to us and based on that only, we keep on improving ourselves to help you better.