How to Add or Customize Edge Panels on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Your Galaxy S7 Edge can be livelier than you could have ever imagined. Just know how to use the Edge Panel in the best way to make it more useful.

Many occasions we have noticed that the proud owners of various precious smartphones boast about the external features of their smartphones which are easily visible. But in most of these cases, they are unaware about the internal facilities their smartphones actually provide and which can certainly help them to use the phone easily. For an example, a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge holder will always feel proud of his gadget being water resistant and also has powerful specs, but might not have the knowledge that his phone can give him an extra benefit of Edge Screen.

Along with the other meaningful tools, Galaxy S7 Edge has, one of the best features it has is its Edge Panel. This panel will enable you to use or remove certain features as per your likings. Excited? Then learn to add or remove a feature you always want to have and remove the one you never want to have on your Edge Panels of your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge by following some simple steps given in this article.

How to Add or Customize Edge Panels on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

How to Add or Remove or Even Customize Your Edge Panel on Galaxy 7 Edge

Step #1. To start customizing your Edge Panel, first you need to do is to swipe the panel from the right side of the edge to the center of your phone’s display.

There is another way to do this exercise as well and that is to move to Settings → Edge Screen → Edge Panels.

Step #2. Once you are right at the center of your Edge Panel you will find a GEAR icon right at the bottom of your screen. Tap on that icon.

This will then further open the Edge Panel and in the configuration screen of this Panel, you will find a list of installed Edge Panels horizontally.

Step #3. You can add a new Edge Panel by just tapping the “+” icon.

Step #4. If you want to remove any existing Edge Panel then you can just tap on the Panel’s icon and you will be done.

Tip: You can also rearrange the Edge Panels by putting them above or below of other panels easily on this configuration screen only.

Do note, that there are plenty of things you can do with this Galaxy 7 Edge Panels by adding more Panels from the Edge App Store. In this store, you will find the variety of Edge Panels and those can bring tons of functions for you just at a swipe away.


So have you installed any new Edge Panel by using the tips given above? Do let us know the best one of them in the comments section given below or on Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus.