Android Pay has now become Google Pay. With the new settings, you can store digital copies of your credit/debit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, rewards, and more. Note that Google Pay also allows you to store promotional offers and discount coupons offered by merchants in your country. It’s an all-in-one secure place to make your shopping hassle-free. If you use plastic currency in your transactions, you should add your credit/debit cards, gift/loyalty cards and more to Google Pay.

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In this tutorial, we will deal with how you can add credit/debit cards and gift/loyalty cards to Google Pay. The new Google Pay is divided into two sections. Home and Cards. The Home section displays the credit/debit card you have set as default and the Cards section showcases your personal accounts and cards.

How to Add Credit or Debit Cards and Gift or Loyalty Cards to Google Pay

How to Add Credit/Debit Cards and Gift/Loyalty Cards to Google Pay

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How to Add Credit/Debit Cards to Google Pay

Step #1. First off, launch Google Pay app on your Android device and tap on Cards from the bottom right corner.

Step #2. Now tap on ‘+’ floating icon in blue.

Step #3. A menu will swipe up and show a few options; you need to tap on ‘Add a credit or debit card’.

If you have added a credit/debit card to your Google Account, it will be displayed here; you can choose that from the list or you can go for ‘Add a new card’.

In case you opt for the card already added to your Google Account, you will be asked to verify the card information, and Google will verify that detail with your bank. If you select ‘Add a new card’, you are required to fill up all your card details and you are good to go.

How to Add a Gift Card to Google Pay

Adding a gift card is equally easy. Once you add a gift card to your Google Pay, it becomes easier for a cashier to scan the card from your smartphone.

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Step #1. Open Google Pay app on your smart device.

Step #2. Next, tap on the Cards section.

Step #3. Now tap on that ‘+’ icon in the blue circle.

Step #4. When a pop-up appears, select ‘Add a gift card’.

A screen will appear with a list of popular retailers nearby your location; alternatively, you can search the retailer that accepts your gift card.

Step #5. Then you are supposed to provide some information like card’s number, security code, and card’s balance (if asked).

Finally, tap on Save button and you are done.

How to Add Loyalty Card to Google Pay

If you tend to visit a particular store, restaurant, or hotel frequently, you would like the idea of signing up a loyalty program to get better service and good discounts. Google Pay has this facility to add your loyalty card so that you can make payments easily from your phone. When you add your loyalty card, you are free from keeping your membership card with you.

Step #1. Go to Google Pay App and tap on Cards section.

Step #2. Tap on that ‘+’ button in the blue circle and choose ‘Add a loyalty program’ from the list pops up on your phone screen.

Step #3. On the next screen, you can see a list of retailers that offer loyalty program; choose the one with which you have a membership.

Alternatively, you can use the search bar to find a retailer you have signed up a loyalty program of.

Step #4. Then take a picture of your card or enter your account number manually.

Next time you visit your favorite store or restaurant, simply show your loyalty card in Google Pay.

That’s all friends!

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Google Pay is here to make your shopping more comfortable. Have you added your credit/debit cards to Google Pay? Share your feedback with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.