Have you ever wished to know how is the weather going in a remote place? What if I give you a method to compare the weather of both the places (yours and a place far away)?

I know you have seen and used the Weather app on your iPhone. Each time you open, it displays the weather of your current location with the help of GPS.

But I felt it is good to add a few locations in the Weather app so that, you can compare the climate of different places. It can be very helpful when you are planning to travel a new place and want to know the weather conditions of that city or town.

How to Add and Delete Locations in the Weather App on iPhone

I have included the steps you need to take for adding and deleting locations here. Don’t think it as a mammoth task. Hardly takes a minute.

Step #1. Pick your iPhone up and open the weather app. I hope you won’t find it difficult to locate the app.

Step #2. You can see there, the weather of the place you are currently in. Look at the right-bottom part of the screen and, tap on the list icon (“☰”).

Step #3. A bottom bar becomes visible at this step. Tap on the plus sign [+] given at the right end of it.

Step #4. In the upcoming field, you need to enter the name or zip code of the location you want to see the weather of.

Once you start typing, the suggestions start to appear. Choose the one that matches your requirement.

That’s it. Now you can see the weather of two places whenever you open the Weather app. Follow this method to add as many locations you want to.

Arrange Locations

Even though you add a number of places, some of them remain hold the first priority. So, you should bring them to top in the decreasing order of the preference.

First, long tap on the item you want to move. When the location protrudes, you can place it wherever you like to see the same.

How to Delete Locations in the Weather App on iPhone

Wasn’t adding locations simple? Then, you will find this even easier.

Step #1. Open the Weather app on your iPhone.

Step #2. Maybe you view a single location on the first screen. Don’t worry! Just tap on the bottom icon to have a list of all you added.

Step #3. Deleting them becomes the easiest now as you are only two simple steps away. Swipe a location to the left to get a Delete icon at the bottom.

Pressing the button completes the deletion.

Wrapping Up

What do you think now? Adding and deleting locations in the Weather app on iPhone is a walk in the park, isn’t it?

I know you will not have any doubts. Just in case you will do reach out to me using the comment form down below.

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