The revamped Lockscreen is one of the biggest highlights in iOS 10. Unlike before, you can now add widgets on your Lockscreen to show information like the day’s weather, traffic report and more.

How about adding a note to the Lockscreen on your iPhone? Whether it’s an address or a grocery list, the note could be about anything. It’s pretty straightforward to do. Let’s find out!

How to Add a Note to Your Lock screen in iOS 10 on iPhone or iPad

Today Snippet is a smart widget app which lets you add text from almost any app. And with the collaboration of Notes app, you will be able to add anything you have saved as a note to your Lock screen.

Before going ahead with the process, download and install Today Snippet on your iPhone. It’s free and available at App Store.

Step #1. Launch Notes app on your iPhone.

Step #2. Next, you can either prepare a new note or open the already existing one which you wish to put on your lock screen.

Step #3. Now, you have to select your note, and then tap on the share.

Step #4. Next, share menu will appear on the screen. On the bottom row, you need to swipe right to reveal More. Tap on it. Up next, you need to enable the ‘Today’ extension in the list and then return to the share sheet menu.

Step #5. Tap on ‘Today’ and the note will be added to Today Snippet.

Step #6. Now, head over to your lock screen, or swipe right to bring up the widgets page on your home screen.

Step #7. Tap on ‘Edit’ and add the ‘Today Snippet’ widget.

Once ‘Today Snippet’ has been added to your list of widgets, the note you shared to it will appear on your lock screen.

If you want to change the text the widget show, share new text to it.

And to delete the text, simply open the Today Snippet app and head over to the Settings tab. Tap on ‘Delete Today Snippet Text’.

That’s all there is to it! What do you think of Lock screen? How much has it improved? Shoot your feedback in the comments below.