No matter how smooth the screens are to operate, they can never replace the feel of typing with physical keys, which we used to have on older devices. Earlier, we never had to use both of our hands to type something and that was because of the size of the keyboard.

Now a day, screens are getting bigger and so does the keyboard, which has made typing with one hand next to impossible, unless you have huge thumbs and fingers. Google is already aware of this issue and hence, they have recently updated Google Keyboard with one-hand typing mode. The same is available with other third-party keyboard apps as well, but if it is from Google, it is deemed to be perfect.

So, if you are tired of using both of your hands while typing anything on your Android device, then this post will surely help you. Just follow few simple steps and you can easily switch to one-hand typing mode on Google Keyboard.

How to activate one-hand typing keyboard on Android device:

Before you go ahead with the guide, make sure you have updated Google Keyboard to its latest version. In case you are not using Google Keyboard at all, then first download it.

Step #1. Launch any app that needs a keyboard to type.

Step #2. Once the Google Keyboard popup from the bottom, tap and hold the “Comma” key.

Step #3. You’ll get three small icons above the comma key, tap the last one on the right side with a trackpad type of icon.

Step #4. By now, you should be using the one-hand typing mode. In case you wish to switch between right and left hand, just press the arrow key on the small navigation bar beside the one-hand keyboard.

As said earlier, many third-party keyboard apps provide this facility but having it from Google itself is an added advantage.

Let us know in comments if you have any awesome keyboard with one-hand typing facility.