Latest Android Oreo update has one cool feature “App is Running in the Background Notification“. Many people like this feature and a few of them dislike. Most of them got irritated and found this never-ending notification annoying and want to stop it.

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The major concern is a battery drain. Many users noticed that enabling this feature eats more power, and it makes sense to turn it off to avoid this feature to use and enhance the battery life. Over is a solution for hiding Android Oreo app is running in the background persistent notification.

There is a way to disable this notification by using a third-party app named Hide ‘running in the background’ Notification. It is available on Google Play Store and works simply. Let’s find out how the apps works and kill Android Oreo’s annoying ‘running in the background’ notification.

Hide Android Oreo App is running in the background Persistent notificationHow to Hide ‘App is running in the background’ Persistent Notification in Android Oreo

Step #1. Download and install Hide “running in the background” Notification app from Google Play Store on your Android Phone.

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Install Hide running in the background Notification app on Android PhoneStep #2. Once you installed the app, it will take you to the Notification Access. You just need to tap on “Ok”.

Step #3. Next, you will see “Hide ‘running in the background’ Notification” option under the Notification access, just turn the toggle ON.

Step #4. Now the app will ask to grant notification access. Just tap “Allow”.

You’re done!

This is how you can simply hide running in the background notification on Android device in Android Oreo update. Well, you can turn it ON by switching the toggle next Notification access into the app.

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We should thank iboalali developer for allowing us to kill Android Oreo’s ‘running in the background’ notification with a user-friendly app. Are you happy with our trick? Do share your opinion with us in the commenting section or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.