Facebook Messenger shows who is currently active or online to let you instantly contact your friends. It’s a very user-friendly feature, and I appreciate it. However, it also exposes your privacy, and especially if you don’t want others to know your last seen or active status.

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Fortunately, there is a way you can hide active status in Facebook Messenger on Android and iPhone App. Once you turn off the online status, your friends won’t know when you were active or seen last. However, this will also leave you unaware of the status of your Facebook friends.
How to Hide Your Active Status in Facebook Messenger on Android and iPhone

How to Hide Your Active Status in Facebook Messenger on Android and iPhone

Earlier, users had to follow a few steps on the Messenger app; but Facebook has introduced an update very recently, and following this update, users have to log into Messenger on a web browser to hide active status.

Step #1. First off, open www.messenger.com on your web browser.

Step #2. Now sign in with Facebook to get started; enter your email id or phone number and your password.

Open messenger.com and Sign in to your Facebook Account

Step #3. Next, click on Settings (gear) icon from the upper left corner.

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Click on Settings in Facebook Messenger Web

Step #4. A drop-down list will appear; you need to click on Active contacts.

Click on Active contacts in Facebook Messenger web

Step #5. Here, you will see your name with a profile photo and below that, all your active contacts will be listed.

Finally, click on the toggle to Go Offline.

Toggle to Go Offline to Hide Your Active Status in Facebook Messenger on Android and iPhone

You are now offline on Facebook Messenger as you have successfully hidden your active status. As mentioned above, this will prevent you from seeing your active friends on Facebook Messenger.

Messenger users can employ this trick to stay away from pesky friends, who continuously send you unnecessary messages. When you read their messages, they receive a read-receipt; this allows them to know you have received and read the message. And they expect quick replies from you. No worries; there is a way to read Facebook messages without being seen on Messenger.

That’s all!

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