Google Play Store is probably the most used and must app for an Android user. This app not only gives a wide variety of apps to choose from but it can also make you shop. For many Google Play Store app is made for these two functions only. More or less it is true but today what we want to share with you is to use this app in a much better way which probably you are not aware.

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Follow the following tips and tricks and at the end of this article, we are absolutely sure that you will feel yourself better educated Android user. So, here we go!

6 Tips and Tricks to Control Your Google Play Store Better

6 Tips and Tricks to Control Your Google Play Better

#1. Control your updates

Control your updates

Are your apps getting updates without your notice and you lose your precious data? Let us tell you that you are not the only one who is facing this problem. Actually, this is not a problem but it is the lack of knowledge that you can control auto updates on each of your apps from Google Play Store only. For the apps you feel are less used or not necessary you can stop them getting updated automatically. Here is how you can do that. Under the Google Play Settings there is an option called Auto-update apps, tap on that and choose to Do not auto-update apps. You can even do this with the individual app by stopping auto-update by tapping on the three vertical dots on the top right of your screen when your app page is on.

#2. Enjoy an App isn’t available in your country

Enjoy an App isn’t available in your country

There are certain apps which are not available in your country but if you want to enjoy that app you can still do that. VPN is the technology which can be really helpful for you in this regard. All you need to do is to install VPN – Virtual Private Network. VPN means a secure internet connection via a private network outside of your current location. The only difference is that by choosing VPN you are only using other country’s network and not your own. By using VPN you can easily download and access those apps which are not available in your country.

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#3. Update all apps

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Update all apps

In the first tip and trick, we have guided you on how to control the automatic update of each app individually. If later you feel that it is fine if those apps also get an update simultaneously. Then just go to your Google Play Store and tap on my apps & games. Here you will find two options INSTALLED and ALL. Tap on INSTALLED and you will find both updated and non-updated apps in a list. The non-updated apps will be on the top and at the right corner of the screen you will find a tab mentioning UPDATE ALL, tap on that and all the un-updated apps will be updated one after the other.

#4. Use parental lock

Use parental lock

If you want your kid not to download inappropriate or unwanted apps on your mobile which may use the vacant space of your mobile and also the data then you can certainly control it. In the Settings of Google Play Store there is an option of Parental Controls, tap on it and choose a secret PIN code. So from now on your kid or the person other than you using your mobile will have to enter the PIN code which you have fixed to download any app. You can change your preferences at a later stage if you wish to.

#5. Demand a refund

Demand a refund

If you are unaware about any purchase from Google Play Store made from your mobile or if you are not satisfied with any paid app you have downloaded you can certainly claim your refund from Google Play. If the said purchase is done under two hours then you can claim your refund by the just tap on the Refund button on the left which has replaced the Download tab after downloading the app. If there is less time than two hours has been passed then you will get the full refund without being asked a single question by Google Play.

#6. Get the Freebies

Get the Freebies

It is not that the paid apps only like to get money from you. Even if the paid app developers don’t like to give you any freebies Google Play Store certainly love to give you some of its content. So all you need to do here is to keep all the notification on from Google Play Store and some day you may find a freebie coming your way. The freebie can be anything even a paid app or in-app purchases who knows?

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Hope you liked these important tips on Google Play Store and it has changed the way you always looked at Google Play. Do let us know which tip or trick given above was helpful to you. We are waiting for your feedback in the comments section given below.