While The Pixel phones slow down issue is still on fire, numerous Pixel and Nexus users have started complaining and shared over the Google Forum and Reddit community about the new swiping issue. It seems like another headache for the Google team with a new release of Android Oreo 8.1.

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In general, the swiping issue arises when Pixel and Nexus device users try to swipe the lock screen to unlock the device, swipe notifications, and try to answer phone calls. They reported that it takes multiple attempts to do any task. Well, the search giant is still looking forward to fix swipe issue on Pixel and Nexus devices. So far, try out these solutions to solve the swipe issue on Pixel and Nexus devices with Android 8.1 update.

Google Pixel and Nexus Devices Swipe Issue since Android 8.1 UpdateHow to Fix Swipe Issue on Pixel and Nexus devices

Solution #1: Restart your device

Here’s one of the simplest method that some expert suggested to solve the swipe issue on Pixel and Nexus devices with Android 8.1 update. Well, restarting process for every Pixel and Nexus devices is different, so just ask Google to find the restart process for your device and see the result. Hope you won’t see the swiping problem anymore after restart. If you still encounter the issue, then go to the next solution.

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Solution #2: Reboot in Safe Mode

According to the Google expert from the Google Forum, if the Pixel and Nexus devices running Android 8.1 update and getting the annoying swipe problem, then try to reboot your device in safe mode. Once you reboot your device in safe mode, it tests one of the third-party apps installed on your phone is misbehaving and causing the issue. Well, if you don’t get the issue in safe mode then it means there is no third-party app is the source of your problem.

Solution #3: Factory Reset Your Device

If you have tried first two solutions properly and didn’t have any solution, then we suggest you factory reset your data. Well, before going to reset your device, do not forget to back up entire data on your device because once you factory reset your device, your entire data will have vanished and you will get the device as brand new. So, just head over to the Google search to know the reset process.

Solution #4: Contact to the Google Team

Well, once you tried all above-mentioned solutions and they didn’t work, then there will be the Google Team always stand to help you get the perfect fix to scrolling issue on Pixel and Nexus devices on Android 8.1 update. So, just head over to the Google Support Specialist, enter your name, number, device name, issue and then hit the Call Me button to let them call you back within 10 minutes with the proper solution.

Solution #5: Check for the OTA Update

After the numerous amount complaints on different forums and several tech blog report, Google seems to have the complete information about the scrolling problem on Pixel and Nexus devices with Android 8.1 update. The good thing is Google is looking for the solution to fix the issue by the next OTA update. So, keep checking for the new Android update on your device to override the swipe issue on Android 8.1.


Are you one of them annoyed with swipe or scroll issue on Pixel and Nexus devices on Android 8.1? If so, comments below your problem or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. If you have found any solution, please don’t forget to share with us, it will help other users as well.