Google made exciting announcements at Google I/O 2017. Sundar Pichai – CEO at Google and Google team members, introduced plans for Google products – Android, VR Headset, Google Home, Google Assistance and lot more.

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If you do not want to watch the whole event video and want quick highlights of Google I/O 2017, then you are at the right place. This post covers highlights and recap of most exciting announcements of the entire I/O 2017 event.

Google I:O 2017 RecapHighlights of Google I/O 2017

Google Assistant Comes to iPhone

For the first time, Google’s revealed massive Google Assistant update for expanding to iOS devices. Google is now adding the ability to assist you on your iPhone. Google Assistant is offering amazing features as we have seen in on Android.

Google Assistant Comes to iPhoneWhether you are at home or traveling or wherever you are, Google Assistant will guide 24/7. As for now, Assistant iOS is available free in the US and with more to come in later this summer and the app now only support on iOS version 9.1 or later. The app will support Italian, Korean and Spanish languages by the end of this year.

Google Assistant app integrates will all of Google’s tools like Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail, Docs, Maps, Keep, and Chrome apps. Google also launched the Software Development Kit (SDK) to provide the opportunity to every developer to build their own app with Google Assistant integrated.

Google Home

Google home is getting the coolest feature of making it hands-free calling in coming months. With the Google Home by default, you will be able to make free calls to the United States and Canada with Google’s private number, or you can set your phone number. If you want your friends and family to hand calls on Home, you can also setup for multi-users.

Google HomeAfter the announcement at Google I/O, you will be able to schedule new calendar appointments and create reminders with Google Home. You can even make your home smarter with more than 70 home partners like August locks, TP-Link, Honeywell, Logitech, LG and few more.

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Now you can enjoy more music, movies and TV shows with free music services like Spotify, Soundcloud, and Deezer. Google also added Bluetooth speaker support for playing audio via your Android or iOS device. Google have joined hand with more streaming partners like HBO NOW, CBS All Access, and HGTV.

Android O Beta Released

Android O Beta ReleasedGoogle revealed first Android O developer preview in March and recently the official Beta version (developer preview) at the Google I/O 2107 keynote. Android O was one of the major announcement of the event. Along with some of the new amazing features of the Android O, Google revealed that the new Second developer preview would be available to download as a Beta version for the public.

Google has already revealed some of the incredible features – new settings page, snooze-able notifications, a background processing lockdown, and a bunch of others. Not over yet, Google also includes its support for new programmer language Kotlin.

Recently, the biggest search giant announces some new eye-catching specifications of the new Android O such are picture-in-picture, autofill with Google, a new home screen for Android TV, Smart Text Selection, and TensorFlow Lite.

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Dot Notification

Dot Notification in Android OAmong all these exciting features Notification Dot is catchy eye feature in Android O. This new notifications dots shows your notification linked with one or more notifications channel on the app with users has not replied yet. A long press on an app icon will open a pop-up on a screen showing notifications for that specific app.

Android Go

Along with Android O, Google also announced the lightweight version of Android called “Android Go” for budget-friendly devices. It is company’s new mission to provide computing to everyone, especially small manufacturers. Google design Android Go especially for Android smartphone that has 1 GB or less RAM. All Android devices that have 1GB of less RAM will automatically support for Android Go.

Android GOAndroid Go’s new design will eat less memory, storage space, and mobile data, including apps such as YouTube Go, Chrome, and Gboard with Google Apps and Google will show apps (consume less space and mobile data) on the Google Play Store that are specially designed for your device.

This will be available as an app from Google Play Store which will ship in 2018.

Google Lens

Google has been working on to search result with augmented reality and visual search. Finally, Google announced it first visual search engine called “Google Lens” which acts similar to Google Glasses. You will able learn the thing surrounding you, you can point your phone camera at any object, and Google lens will tell you about that object. For example, you can scan the real world image of the restaurant and the Lens will give to review and photos from the Google Map.

Google LensThe biggest feature of the Lens is that you can sign into Wi-Fi without breaking your back, means it can read the name and password of Wi-Fi network on your router then your device will automatically be signed and connected to the network. It can also auto connect your Bluetooth after scanning device’s product number.

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Smart Reply for Gmail

Smart Reply for GmailThe Google Smart Reply function will suggest you three short answers, and you can choose any one the send it as you want as it is or edits the content. In the Smart Reply function, Google will suggest you some quick response like “Thanks!” or “I’ll send it today” or “Let’s have a phone call on Tuesday.” And much more. The great thing about this feature is it uses the natural language to reply your message, just like your routine word. The Smart Replay will be available for Android and iOS Gmail app users from today.

Google Photo: New way to share photos

With the Google’s announcement of reaching more than 500 million Google Photo user monthly in just two years of its launch, Google revealed new three ways to share Google Photos. The Google Photos user will be able to share their loving memories with three new options- Suggested Sharing, Shared libraries and Photo Books.

Google Photo- New way to share photosThe suggested sharing feature will remind you to share photos with people who appear in the picture. For example, if you have a group photo the Google will advise you to share the image with other people who is in the frame.

The Shared Library feature will allow your phone to share the image with the particular person. For example, you captured a photo with friends then the image will automatically be share with your friends only.

With the new Photo Books options of the Google Photo, you do not have to spend time on a computer to make a new cover or printed image. You just need to choose the photo, and Google Photo will find the best suitable shot for you and make a new change with new high-quality image and place your order.

Google’s AR and VR

Google announced the new amazing Daydreamer VR headset features with making it supportable for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ and LG’s next flagship phone. The Daydreamer VR headset will let vendor make mobile VR headset without a need of smartphone to operate. Currently, HTC Viva and Lenovo are working with Google to launch new Daydreamer headset soon.

Googles AR and VRGoogle also revealed next-gen augmented reality world with the launch of a Visual Positioning Service (VPS, like GPS) for indoor guidance. The AR feature will allow students to get amazing interactive learning experience in the classroom and the VPS will guide you find the correct store to purchase any on your favorite product.

New YouTube Feature

Google announced new YouTube feature for smart TV to stream in the 360-degree video on your TV via YouTube smart TV app. Now you can experience your content to a larger screen only using YouTube app. You can use TV’s standard remote to watch 360-degree video on a big screen of your TV. Google releases a new big update for Android TV with new UI launcher which brings you watch 360-degree videos on YouTube to Android TV, Chromecast, and the YouTube TV app.

New YouTube FeatureAnother major change in the YouTube app is it reduces restrictions of YouTubers to Go Love on via mobile. Initially is Google provided ability to Go live on YouTube mobile to YouTubers with more than 10000 subscribers, the number reduces to 1000 and not finally it comes to zero. It means that now all the official channels can go live without having subscriber.

Google for Job

Now, world’s biggest search engine will help you to find jobs. Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that the company would launch the new jobs search engine for seekers.

Google for Job“46% of U.S. employers say they face talent shortages and have issues filling open job positions,” Pichai said. “While job seekers may be looking for openings right next door – there’s a big disconnect here…We want to better connect employers and job seekers through a new initiative, Google for Jobs.”

For now, Google is collecting data from third parties like Facebook, Linkedin, Glassdoor, Monster, and more to filter jobs criteria. This will help people to find employment and entrepreneurs to find employees. Google for the job will hit in a couple of weeks, and it will initially avail for US only.

Pay with Google

Google unveil new payments tools that allow developers of mobile app and sites let people paying for items to use stored credit card in their Google Accounts. Those who have added a credit card to their Google Account will be able to buy products within Android app or mobile sites speedily. The buyer will see the “Pay with Google” option on the app or website where the new Google payment tools have been integrated and will be able to select payment option with by logging with Gmail account.

Pay with GoogleLike Android pay, Google’s new mobile wallet system allow users to upload their credit or debit card detail on the mobile to make payment for stores. The payment method does not allow for iPhone app or computer website.

Google Play Protect

Google Play ProtectGoogle introduced new Google Play Protect service for Android users which provide new protections and better visibility into your device. The service will always protect your data and update automatically to keep your device safer. Play Protect alerts you when your device has any suspicious apps which are downloaded from untrusted sources.

Find My Device

Find My DeviceGoogle launched the new mobile-searching app called “Find My Device,” The Find My Device app is similar to Apple’s popular “Find My iPhone.” The new app has the comprehensive visual overhaul and a new 3D map which helps you to track your lost device. The app lets you see the live location of the device on the map if your device connected to the internet then make it play sounds or put in ‘lost mode’ to make it reclaim.

Well, the Google I/O developer conference is not over yet, there are more news and announcement are in the pipeline for remaining two days. We will update this post as per the new announcement from Google.