Google Home, Google’s own voice-controlled smart speaker with in-built Google Assistant and Google Home Mini, its smaller version, both are giving a tough competition to Amazon’s lady speaker, Alexa. Designed to control and connect various smart devices to your TV and speakers and Google services, Google Home also knows all about you and your activities. It gathers info from your Google account, studies your web-history, remembers your searches, keeps records of your GPS etc. to serve you better.

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Now if suddenly this smart buddy stops responding, things can become difficult for us, isn’t it? If your Google Home/Mini too has become unresponsive, here’s how to fix Google Home/Home Mini not responding issue.Google Home or Home Mini Not Responding

Google Home/Home Mini not responding? How to Fix it

#1: Reboot your Google Home/Mini

Check whether your Google Home is plugged into a wall outlet and is powered on correctly. Disconnect the power cable from the back of Google Home and reconnect it. Switch it on correctly after few seconds.

#2: Check the Microphone

Make sure the microphone is enabled and not muted. Say “Ok Google” to Google Home and check how does the LED dot ring on the top of the Google Home is responding. If it spins or blinks, it heard you.

#3: Try questions in a different way

Throw any random question and ask the Assistant to repeat what you said. If it doesn’t, try speaking slowly or ask another question and check how is it responding.

#4: Check the Surrounding

Check whether the environment where you’ve placed your Home is not noisy. Loud noises can interfere with the mic array in the Google Home making it unresponsive. Ask loudly or reduce the background noises if possible. Shift you Home to a quieter location and try again. Also, make sure there aren’t any obstructions like a wall or any other devices.

#5: Check your Network connection

Make sure there is a proper network connection. To verify, check the small LED light on the back of the Google Home device. It should be solid white. If there is no connection or recently you’ve changed your WiFi name/password or service provider, then you will be required to set your Google home up again. To fix it, do the following;

Step #1. Open the Google Home app on your iOS or Android device.

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Step #2. Tap on Devices to see available devices in the top right corner of the home screen.

Step #3. Scroll to find the Google Home device card.

Step #4. Tap SET UP and complete the setup steps.

#6. Check your home and work locations

Certain requests like weather or traffic updates require location data to gather accurate information. Recheck If your home or work addresses are entered correctly or if you have recently shifted and haven’t updated them. To check;

Step #1. Open the Google Home app on your iOS or Android device.

Step #2. Tap on the hamburger button at the top left corner of the app.

Step #3. Select More settings.

Step #4. Select Google Account settings → Personal info.

Step #5. Tap Home & work locations. Check details and make changes if required and tap OK

#7. Factory Data Reset

One more solution to fix this issue is to reset your Google Home. Follow our guide How to Easily Factory Data Reset the Google Home for the detailed process.

#8. Submit a voice feedback report.

If none of the above solutions works, seek help from Google Support. Say “Send feedback” and describe your issue, Google Home will record the message and send the feedback once you’re done. Wait for the confirmation reply “Thanks, all feedback helps” or something similar, which indicates that your report has been submitted. Make sure to include the words “no answer” while describing your issue.

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Your Google Home/Home Mini is not supposed to sit silently and if you’re habituated to it, its silence might be killing you too. Give the above fixes a try and let us know whether they were helpful or not. Drop your ideas or suggestions in the comment section below or share your thoughts on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.