The Google Assistant-powered Google Home has an ability to make hands-free calls to friends, family, and businesses just by saying “Hey Google, call Mom” or any other contact name. It’s a very high-tech feature! However, many users have reported on the Google forum with the “Google Home calling not working” proclamation. So, here we can help you out. here are some ways to fix the Google Home Calling Not Working issue.

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According to some users, when they try to make a call with Google Home, the device shows white light moving circles with two beeps, and then it says “hmmm something went wrong, try again in a few seconds.” Even after trying many times, it couldn’t be able to make calls. After spending few hours online, we have found a few ways to fix Google Home Hands-Free calling is not working issue. Here those are! Let’s check out!

Google Home Calling Not Working

How to Fix Google Home Hands Free Calling Is Not Working Issue

Solution #1: Make Sure Your Geo Location

If you are already using the hands-calling function on Google Home and fight with Google Home calling not working problem, then you might know that you are living in the state where Google Home supports calling. In a case, if you a fresher, then let me tell you that the Google Home calling now only available in the US, and recently for UK, Canadian English, and Canadian French. So, you must be living in the US or UK to use Google Home for calling.

Well, if you are living outside the US, then you can also set up Google Home outside the US to enjoy other Google Home tips and tricks.

Solutions #2: Check Firmware and App Version

Google has integrated the hands-free calling function in Google Home with the firmware version 1.28.99351. Thus, you should make it sure that your Google Home is running 1.28.99351 or higher firmware version. To check that, you need to go to our post how to check the firmware version of Google Home. You also need to check your Google Home App version is 7.07 or later. To check the version, open Google Home app on your phone → Menu → Settings → About and then the version number.

Solution #3. Check Your Linked Google Account and Try to Re-Add it Again

To make hands-free calls from the Google Home, it uses your linked Google contacts. Hence, when you command Google Home to call someone, it scans all your Google contacts and makes calls as per your commands. So, if your Google Account is not linked correctly to Google Home app, then the device won’t be able to make calls. Thus, you need to check that your Google Account is linked to the Google Home app or not and try to remove and add it again.

Here’s how to check it:

Step #1. Launch Google Home App on your phone.

Step #2. Tap on Devices at the top right corner of the app.

Step #3. Now scroll to find the device card for the Google Home.

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Step #4. Tap on Devices card menu at the top right corner of the device card and select Settings.

Step #5. Now tap on Linked Accounts and see that your Google Account is linked correctly.

Step #6. To unlink your account, tap on remove or cross icon (×) to remove and again add your Google Account.

Solutions #4: Check Your Assistant Language

As you know that Google Home hands-free calling feature is available for the US and UK people, so check that your Google Home’s language is set to English UK, English UK, Canadian English, or French Canadian. To check that, open Google Home app → Menu → More Settings → Tap on the Device under “Devices” → Assistant Language and check or change.

Solution #5. Keep Your Device Near Your Router

We know that Google Home use your home Wi-Fi to follow your orders and give you the best results. So, for hands-free calling function, it also needs a good internet connection. Hence, if your Google Home stops making and receiving calls, then put your Google Home device within 15 feet from your router and see it works fine or not.

Solution #6. Reboot Your Google Home device

If all things are proper and your Google Home calling still not working at all, then we suggest you try to reboot your Google Home device. Sometimes, rebooting works greatly to solve some bugs on your tech devices. So, try to restart your Google Home and refresh the device make it work efficiently. You can either unplug the power cord from your Google Home or use Google Home to reboot.

To reboot from the Google Home app, open the app → Tap Devices at the top right corner → Scroll to find the device card for the device you want to reboot → Tap device card menu at the top right corner of the device card → Settings → Device settings page → More → and then Reboot.

Solution #7. Factory Reset Your Google Home

After trying every above five solutions, if the Google Home calling problem is still remain then our last and final advice is factory resetting your Google Home. The resetting process will clear all your link accounts and data. So, if you are sure about resetting your Google Assistant-powered device, then you must visit our how to factory reset Google Home guide.


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Have you tried these solutions? Which worked for you? If you have started making calls from the Google Home, we would love to know your feedback here in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.