In April 2016 Google Calendar started ‘Goals’ feature. This feature helps people to overcome their aggressive goals by reminding about them time to time.

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Now, Google Calendar has incorporated Google Fit and Apple Health and now the fitness loving people will enjoy setting and following the goals they want to set. Google Calendar will incorporate the data from these two premium apps mentioned above and will track your achievements.

Google Calendar Tracks Google Fit and Apple in its new update

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Google Calendar Will Now Set Your Fitness Goals with Google Fit and Apple Health

The new feature will work just like the other goals on Google Calendar work for you. Google Calendar, in any case, asks you what to achieve and then finds the time to schedule that goal.

One can easily set the frequency and duration of each work, and the Calendar will send a notification at the time it is required. This new integration will now check your fitness goals as well.

The latest blog post by Google describes the new updates pretty quickly. The post says

“With this integration, future goal times will be even more tailored based on when you’re most likely to complete them. Say you set a goal to run at 6.30 every other morning but aren’t hitting your stride until 7.15 – Google Calendar has you covered and will adjust accordingly. So not only can Calendar keep track of your activities and performance, but it can also help you find the best time to do them.”

So, if you are also a fitness freak, then this latest update from Google Calendar will certainly make you happy. Check whether your Google Calendar has an update option with this latest feature or not.