Google announced a messaging app called “Allo” at its annual event “I/O 2016”. Packed in with some interesting features, the messaging app is set to launch very soon.

Even though WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger are hugely popular, there is still plenty of room for yet another new messaging app to leave a lasting impression. Designed to enhance the messaging experience, Allo has the qualities to be not only at par with the best but also leave others behind. Let’s have a glance at the features which are expected to arrive with this upcoming messaging app from Google.

Google Allo Features

Uses Phone Numbers

Just like WhatsApp, Allo uses phone numbers. Hence, you can easily send the message to your contacts.


Google Allo features tons of stickers and emoji to let you spice up your messaging time. But unlike other apps, it has a feature called Whisper-Shout, which allows you to resize text by dragging up and down on the screen. There is also an option to let you draw on images with a feature called Ink.

The messaging app is reported to have 3 preloaded sticker packs, with the option to download more. Currently, there are 24 additional sticker packs which are available from various designers.

It can let you download and arrange the sticker packs as desired under “My Stickers” category.

Its voice messaging feature resembles that of WhatApp and works similarly.

Share GIFs

Allo lets you share GIF images. Moreover, you can write anything on the photos that you share. The annotation feature will not be applicable to videos. It allows size compression for images and videos to upload faster.

Smart Replies

Allo features Smart Replies. As for instance, if someone invites you to dinner, you will get two quick lines of text that allows you to accept or refuse the invite. It also works with photos.

Google Assistant

Allo has a built-in virtual assistant. With the supremely advanced assistant, you can reserve a restaurant from right inside the app.

You can even ask it to find hot pics for you, or to look up information on any topics or even order it to give you an interesting game to play.

Moreover, you have the option to bring Google Assistant into your regular chats with your friends.

Google Assistant will live in your contact list under the @google handle.

Incognito Mode

Allo also comes with an incognito mode which provides end-to-end encryption, private notifications, and expiring chats. When you close it, your private chats are deleted automatically.

Google also unveiled an awesome video calling app called Duo. You can easily set it up and get started with it quickly. There is a feature called Knock Knock that allows you to see what the person is up to before he/she receives your call. Though it’s a cool feature, you might want to disable it to keep privacy.

What’s your take on Google Allo and Duo? Will it they able to compete with WhatsApp and Skype? Share your feedback in the comments below.